There’s a really good chance (nope…not a chance at all.  It’s definite.) that I pulled this straight off of Free the Children’s “WE Day” recap from Seattle.  Edward Norton said this.  I mean…I think?  Yeah, I’m pretty sure.

And I love this because I think we are all obsessed with how good we are at stuff.  I want to be a really good writer.  I want to take really good pictures.  I want to address envelopes like a freaking champ (swirly S’s and whimsical E’s).  That all takes talent.

But character?  Character is who you are.  It’s taking who you are and doing something with it.  And someone with really great character can do really great things.  You can change someone’s life, inspire someone who needs it, make a really sad day into something happy and fun.  I suppose talent can do that, too, but talent doesn’t usually last forever.

Character does.

Follow along with other writers who are working on a Project 52!  Amanda, Tara, and Matt to name a few.


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