Photo Prep 101: Dressing Little Girls

Oh, hey there good lookin’!  Today in part 5 of my collaboration with Elle:

rock the shoot.

I’m giving you options for family photos for your little girls!  Like I explained in my earlier posts, these looks are perfect for spring, summer, or early fall photo sessions.  You can look at your child in these photos and not be able to pin point exactly what month or season it is based on the clothing and for me, that’s a plus!  You’ll feel good about looking at this in both the heat of the summer and the cold of the winter.

Popsicle Budget:  your least expensive option.  It’s not dirt cheap, but for pictures AND a solid outfit, it’s affordable.  It’s also easy to swap out elements from this style with things you have in your own closets at home.

Ice Cream Sundae Budget: this price point is always a little higher than I wish…but the look just isn’t ‘the look’ without a couple of those spendier items!  Again, swap things out, find something cheaper, at least you have an idea for what you are going for.

French Macaron Budget: okay, now this is a definite splurge!!  This isn’t a “spend this kind of money on every day outfits” look, that’s for sure!  But let me tell you something:  each piece from this look can be worn with something you already own, I promise!  So yes, overall the price is pretty extreme, but it’s a look that you can wear over and over in so many new and different ways.  C’mon…splurge a little bit.

LittleKidsPopsicle totalbigkids1

Walmart shirt || Little Bow and Arrow skirt || Cienta Shoes

Confession:  I buy almost all my kids’ plain tee shirts at Walmart.  I know, I know.  But I just can’t bear to watch a really nice shirt get ruined with greasy fingers and rabbit poop.  At less than $4, you can’t pass it up!  This skirt is a steal, too.  It swings and is comfortable and the print is bright and fun without being obnoxious.  The shoes are just basics.  To make this look fall under $50, ditch the new shoes and find some sneakers or sandals (or go barefoot)!

littlekids2 total2

Olive Juice top || ChildHoods bow || Gap skinnies || See Kai Run shoes

This is quite a jump, I know, from the popsicle look as far as price, but if your little girl isn’t into hair accessories, you can ditch it.  I’m a sucker for cute collared shirts, but if $27 is just too much for what you see as a plain shirt, it’s okay to find something different.  Oh, and I’m not afraid to mix it up with color a bit.  If the yellows don’t match exactly, it doesn’t ruffle my feathers  (the shoes and the pants aren’t the exact same color yellow — but they look great).

littlekid3 total3

A Tiny Arrow headband || Go Gently Baby sweatshirt || Bobo Choses pants || Joyfolie shoes

I am in love with this look.  I don’t know why I love mixing up elements of different styles, but I do.  The baggy pants with the boyish sweatshirt are complimented by the sparkly shoes and the magical feather headband.  This is definitely a ‘fun’ look and not for the family going for a very traditional and/or preppy look.  Need to scale back a bit, but love the look?  American Apparel has some plain sweatshirts and harem pants are super easy to make yourself!

Do you guys need a pick me up before starting a whole new work week?

Well, you’re in luck!  These AMAZING vendors are giving you guys a discount on your orders!

Joyfolie:   Later this week, our readers get a discount of 25% off styles not marked “new”. I’ll post the code on FB!

A Tiny Arrow: 10% off anything in the shop with code SPRING10

childHOODS:  10% off anything in the shop with code DINOSAUR10

Support these shops from now until your kittens are grown!  The customer service you get from small businesses is worth every extra penny you might spend over big box (boring) stores.


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