Photo Prep 101: Dressing Baby Girls

Hello again from Elle and myself, bringing you part 4 of our collaboration:

rock the shoot.

While Elle will be giving you some advice and examples of how to dress your baby boy, I’ll be sharing with you some adorable baby girl options for every price range.  Under the photos, you’ll see links to each piece of the outfit so you can a) buy the entire outfit from top to bottom, b) pick and choose from different budgets or c) fill in what your little’s closet is lacking!

Before I show you pictures, I’ll just run through a few basics.  I’m always very conscious of dressing too ‘seasonally’ for family photos.  I find it really hard to hang up pictures of us in bulky sweaters and mittens when it’s 90 degrees outside.  This is why I try to schedule my family’s photo sessions in the early Fall or in Spring.  Why?  Jeans or another pant/trouser is always appropriate and you won’t be sweltering hot or freezing cold during sessions.  You can wear a cardigan or a short sleeved top and it won’t be painful to look at in the heat of the summer or the cold of the winter.

That is my very personal opinion and I understand those of you who love the magic of snow pictures.  That’s completely okay!  But for these examples, I’ll be sticking to clothing that would be appropriate for a Spring or Fall session.

Popsicle Budget:


The romper is from Old Navy and is $16.94

The sweater is from Target and is $11.90

Try this headband from Sprinkles for Sprouts at just $11.99 to add a little ‘fun.’

Total spent on this outfit: $40.83.  If that’s still over budget, consider leaving out the headband all together.  Maybe you have a sweater that will work just as well?  It’s ok to not buy anything new at all!

Ice Cream Sundae Budget:


We were able to add a few things to the Ice Cream Sundae Budget.  Sprinkles, if you will.  (I’m so clever)

The dress is from Zara and costs $35.90

The shoes are from Zappos and are $36.00

The cardigan is from Boden and is $32

The headband is from Lemons and Lace and is $9.99

(EEEEK!  You guys!  Lemons and Lace is giving you guys a discount on her headbands!  Use code FAIRYWINGS10 to receive 10% off your purchase!  L&L is the best)

The total for this look is: $113.89

The French Macaron Budget


The tunic is Nili Lotan New Generation from Jcrew  and is $84

The leggings are Tea Collection and are $22.50

And the moccasins are, of course, Freshly Picked and are $60.

Add a couple of Little Hipsqueak headbands in to complete the look at $33

The total for this little fashionista is:  $199.50

Each look is adorable without going overboard.  It’s subtly perfect.  Pick and choose elements from each look to create your own!  Check out these brands and maybe you’ll find a similar print or product that you like even better.  Now….go shop!

And if you have baby boys instead of baby girls, go look at what Elle has done with baby  boy style!


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