DIY: Pallet Fence

If you have ever in your life been on Pinterest, you know that pallets are….kind of a big deal.  Yeah.  I’m definitely talking about those wooden box-like things that you seen in warehouses.  They aren’t much, but you can turn them into pretty much anything.  Beds, frames, herb gardens, fences, the next heir to the British throne…..anything.

Danny happened to know a guy who had pallets laying around so he grabbed a few and set out yesterday to build a fence.  He rocked it.  Seriously, it looks amazing.  He saw some pictures online and then tweaked it a little bit to make it exactly how we wanted it.  That Danny.  He’s so crafty.

So here it is:



Take  your pallets.  On the top of it (the part with all the boards, cut the tops off of all the boards like so:Photo Mar 16, 12 43 50 PM


Flip it over.  Now cut just the sides of the TOP portion of the pallet.pallet-1 pallet-4

You’ll be left with a fully intact front and a back with the upper portion cut off.  Look:pallet-6

We lined them up like this:  2 pallets, then a post.  2 pallets, then a post.  And so on (duh).  We connected the pallets with a scrap piece of wood and drilled a portion of the wood into each of the pallets.


For the posts, we used the top piece of the pallet that we cut off and stood it on its end.  Then we used stakes and little metal hook thing and drilled it on in there.  Seriously.  So easy.paddysday14-33

(this was kind of a corner so we also drilled scrap wood on each side over the stake)paddysday14-34

For the gate, Danny just used a pallet fence panel and secured it to the pallets on either side about 6 inches up.  Then we added a latch.


I can’t wait for warm weather.

I took the cafe lights that were on our deck overhang and put them around the fence, hanging from plant hangers.paddysday14-22

You’ll also see that the inside of the fence is full of these openings that make PERFECT planter boxes!  I just drilled some scrap wood to the bottoms of the openings so I can fill them with dirt.  I’m thinking flowers, herbs….


Easy.  We made the entire thing in 3 1/2 hours.

Go on….fence stuff in!  Kids…pets…gardens……If you use these instructions, link back to this DIY and let everyone know how you did it!

Happy Monday!






27 thoughts on “DIY: Pallet Fence

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  9. Chris

    If pallets are not HT, how difficult is it generally to.make them take cheap paint? Or would that just be tacky?

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  12. Jessica

    This looks spectacular! I’m on a serious budget and need a small fence; I rent though, and can’t use concrete/wood posts. Do you think t-posts would work ok?

    1. Pallet Man

      When I built mine I used landscape timbers. I dug down slightly deeper than the blades of my post hole diggers and then cut the post flush with the top of the middle support brace on the back of the pallet. I then used deck screws to connect the post to the pallet. I got 4 posts out of 1 8 foot timber. That gave me enough support for a 20 foot border fence on my driveway. I’ve got pictures on my Facebook page

    2. larsoncl101

      Looks like that’s what was used. The posts from the top of the pallet was just to secure the pallet and they used metal T posts and secured it with metal clips to the post , only the metal post went into ground. At least that is the way I see it, and I think that’s how I will be building mine, lol.

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  15. Milo F Eldridge

    I have a huge garden that is so bare looking and needs some cheap fencing…love your idea. I think we can do this. Thanks heaps.

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  17. Teresa

    Could you tell me how tall this fence is and what size of pallets you used?
    I would like to do this, but make it a privacy fence.

    1. Pallet Man

      The pallets pictured are probably 40×48 inches. I haven’t seen this particular style any larger however I’ve seen pallets up to 20 feet in length. You just have to ask around. Try some local freight companies but make sure that the pallets have an HT stamp on them.

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  21. Amy

    That looks so good!

    Two things: any concerns about chemicals that pallets are often treated with? Second: look how warm it is there!! There’s still at least four FEET of snow on my front lawn!

    1. Pallet Man

      I know that this reply is very late but look for pallets that have an HT stamp on them. These pallets were heat treated rather than all of the harsh chemicals and are safe for any project you want to use them for.


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