Just a little project

When we first toured our home, we fell in love.

We fell in love with the layout, the charm, the fact that a family grew up here before us, and the view of the river.

We didn’t fall in love with the decor.  Don’t get me wrong, I have NO DOUBT that when the previous owner remodeled her kitchen and family room, it was done in the style of the time.  Everything was done really well and I know that it probably cost lots of dinero (you guys, I speak Spanish) to have it done the way it was.  But it was outdated.  Just like our decor and furniture will be in 30 years, I’m sure.

We have a rather large family.  5 young children will turn into 5 teenagers (when Maria is 19, Olive will be 12!) and the kitchen and tv room will be used more than it is now.  And let me tell you, I spend many hours in that kitchen!  We knew that before we remodeled anything else, our kitchen needed updating.

I went to school with a girl named Jesse (she may or may not have been younger than me, but we totally did go to the same school at the same time) who just happens to have an eye for design as well as connections with many people who are needed during remodel times.  You know…electricians, cabinet makers, painters, etc.  I called Jesse (bahahahah, kidding.  I Facebook messaged her) and told her that we wanted to hire her to coordinate our kitchen remodel and to help us with her creative eye along the way.  We knew what we wanted but we also knew that she would see things we didn’t.

Jesse did not disappoint.  I’m not sure we could be happier with the way it all turned out.  Check it:

before after before2 after2

Jesse was so incredibly easy to work with.  She called when she said she would, she was always on time, she stayed within our budget, she coordinated EVERYTHING, and she is cute as a bug.  That never hurts, right?

There are things I just don’t care about.  I wanted a white paint for the cabinets, but I didn’t care exactly which shade white.  I wanted a teal hutch, but the exact color wasn’t important.  I knew this probably drove her nuts.  But when I told her to just choose…she did.  And she did it perfectly.  She didn’t bat an eye at our quirky taste and helped us to bring it all together in a great way.

Here, look some more.


We got a gas range.  eeeeek!!  Plus…no need for a hood!  Best find ever. remodel-7

How cool is our faucet?remodel-9

Our teal hutch.  Oh, and our chandelier.  That is being replaced, but the one we ordered won’t be shipped until the end of April.  And the valances?  Oh, you guys — I recovered them.  Yes, yes I did.remodel-11

I am in love with our knobs and pulls…remodel-13

Just a beverage fridge.  NBD.remodel-14

I also love our lights.  I mean, I love it all.remodel-20 remodel-22

Jeff (who did 90% of the work) built the 4-doored cabinet above the countertops.  He’s awesome.  He also rebuilt our pantry.  Honestly, he’s amazing.  We told him what we wanted, Jesse confirmed (and many times helped us change what we wanted so it worked a lot better!) and the two of them made it all perfect.  Jeff has the eye of an eagle.  I’m pretty sure eagles have really fantastic vision, right?  Anyway, he sees every flaw, ever inch that needs looked at and thinks of every detail.  He’s a laugh riot and so much fun.  Olive adored him.  I think we might miss that guy.remodel-24

Our backsplash.  I’m in freaking love with our backsplash.  Danny found a company that takes skateboards and recycles them into these tiles.  Could they be more perfect for our little clan of skaters?  They are so completely our style that I about died when Dan showed them to me.  And to think that there are hundreds of kick flips and mute grabs and a zillion ollies plastered right onto our kitchen wall is pretty rad.  remodel-25

It was worth it.  The weeks we went without water was worth it.  The many take-out meals and paper plates and the crazy number of disposable cups and forks we used was so worth it. 

Designer:  Jessica Bean

Cabinets/tiles/cabinet paint: Jeff Jacobs

Stainless Countertops: West Tech

Skateboard Tiles: Art of Board

Drawer knobs and pulls: West Elm

Valance Fabric:  Ballard Design

Lights: Barn Light Electric


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