Sometimes even when you want to finish up the laundry that is scowling at you from behind the door, when you want to finish wiping down the countertops or when you just wanna sit down and do nothing for more than 90 seconds, an adorable long haired little girl comes up and says


And if you aren’t used to that kind of talk, you might not know what she said.  But luckily I’m not new to it and I knew that she was saying, “Hi Mama I was thinking if we have any of those, like, empty stuff — like cereal boxes?”

And since one of my Lenten promises is to give my kids more undivided attention I figured I might as well start by searching for empty stuff.

Alice and I scoured the house for empty boxes and containers and tubes and anything that looked really useful and glue-able.

kitchen-1 kitchen-3 kitchen-4

About 80% of those items were on top of our washer and dryer — things found in pockets, empty detergent containers, etc.  Oh, and that prescription bottle is an old empty one from our dogs.  Just an FYI.

“Mom.  I wanna make a robot.”

So for a solid 50 minutes we glued.

kitchen-10 kitchen-13

And we colored.

And we

And we

Obviously, the robot’s name is Taxi.  I think that’s clear.

And had I known just how happy and excited my 4 year old would be to create this horrific junky robot….I may  have started Alice-led arts and crafts long before today.

kitchen-22 kitchen-26 kitchen-31


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