Ah, Alice.  Alice in Wonderland is one of my very favorite stories — both in print and on the big screen.  Or little screen (our television isn’t really that big).  I think there are so many deeper meanings in what is said and I’ve always been a sucker for that kind of thing.

But this is definitely one of my favorites.  Is it sad that I can relate to it?  The Mad Hatter is asking Alice if he has gone mad.  Do you know how many times I feel this way?   (i think maybe we all feel this way sometimes.  or at least that’s what i tell myself). I feel like sometimes the world has it out for me and I’m interpreting things completely wrong.  I take a text or a comment the wrong way and feel so ‘mad’ for so long and sometimes go crazy trying to get it all back to ‘right.’

But ya know what?  It’s okay to be bonkers.  I’m learning that.  It’s okay to be different, to feel things deeply, to have opinions or thoughts that go against the mainstream and to speak your mind even if it’s not always popular.

And it’s nice to have someone set you straight.  To say, “uhhh, yeah.  you’re totally bonkers.  but it’s alright.”



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