Day Trip

Sometimes you just have to leave.  I feel like this all the time.  I get cabin fever so easily and just have to pack everyone up and leave, even just for a few hours.  We haven’t really gotten away for a while so Dan and I packed up everyone but Ria (she had a sleepover) and headed up to:moscowdaytrip-1

(i know.  that ‘awesome’ should technically be a number but i have absolutely no idea what the actual population is of moscow and i think moscow is awesome, so i just went ahead and used my poetic license to switch it up a bit.)

We started out at Hansel and Gretel, an adorable consignment shop on the main street of downtown.  moscowdaytrip-2

They carry mostly brand-name baby clothes up to size 6t as well as baby gear.  I think Olive would have loved this:moscowdaytrip-4

I take a lot of my kids’ clothes up here to sell and end up making quite a nice little bit each month.  This romper, for example….was Olive’s.  Actually, I think Alice’s.  But now it’ll be another little girl’s and I’ll be able to buy a white mocha ice cream for the children with the proceeds.moscowdaytrip-5

After Hansel and Gretel I ran a couple shops over to Book People.  I could spend hours in this little book shop.  moscowdaytrip-6 moscowdaytrip-7

But I came for a purpose.  Our cousin (2nd cousin?) Sam is having a birthday party tomorrow and I wanted to give him a book.  Because I’m that super lame family member who thinks books are always the best gift.  I will let you in on something I learned about myself:  I don’t know what many boys will think is awesome after age 7 or so.  Jamie is very predictable.  Legos and books.  But other kids?  Like ones who love sports and hunt with their dads and do stuff like that?  I’m lost.  So I enlisted the help of his mom and she said he likes things dealing with military and war so I scoured the shop until I found something good.

And I have a hobby of buying way too many books.  So I stocked up on graphic novels for the kids while I was at it.


But by the time I was done (which was way longer than I had intended) everyone was cranky and hungry so we walked to lunch.moscowdaytrip-10 moscowdaytrip-18

Mmmmm.  Best pizza ever.  moscowdaytrip-20

Maialina is a cute little restaurant in an amazing space — so much light with the huge windows and it’s decorated perfectly.moscowdaytrip-24 moscowdaytrip-28 moscowdaytrip-29 moscowdaytrip-36 moscowdaytrip-38

(at first glance you might think she’s very sweetly playing with her Tigger doll.  Look closely.  She’s ready to perform surgery.  WITH A SMILE ON HER FACE!!! Lord help me)

moscowdaytrip-41 moscowdaytrip-55

This soup, you guys:moscowdaytrip-59

Holy schnizzle pits.  Delicious.moscowdaytrip-65 moscowdaytrip-82 moscowdaytrip-85 moscowdaytrip-86

It took a little longer than we had anticipated so naps were totally overdue for everyone.  It’s hard being a kid.

See that pizza box that Jamie’s holding?  Well, 2 of them actually.  I put them on the hood of my car before driving away.moscowdaytrip-91 moscowdaytrip-93 moscowdaytrip-97


Luckily Dan doesn’t get mad at anything and said, “Meh, it probably wouldn’t have stayed good in the fridge anyway.”

Girls.  Find a Dan.

We got home, I made some cookies (fresh out of a package) and then got our Plated stuff out to get ready for dinner.moscowdaytrip-100 moscowdaytrip-102 moscowdaytrip-107 moscowdaytrip-108

And adult beverages.


And that was our Saturday.

Having kids makes you extremely boring.  Just a little caution for all you young and/or childless peeps.

But here’s some excitement in our life:


Yep, the backsplash is on.  But I’m waiting till it’s alllllll done to reveal it in color.

Dude I’m lame.



1 thought on “Day Trip

  1. Jackie W

    Moscow does have a population of awesome. Book people is amazing, and it makes me happy you spent your time in downtown Moscow. Also Maialina and Plated in one day? Gourmet foodie status.


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