I heard this from a speaker at the International Montessori Congress in July.  When I heard it, I thought of Alice.  Alice, who is always smiling and laughing and being completely 4 years old. She loves life and she loves being happy.

And this spoke to me because I feel like it was a reminder that I have an obligation to Alice (and all my children of course) to provide all of them with the tools and the direction and the safety and the patience to maintain that energy.  Being a mom has taught me a million different things but I think the most important thing I have learned is that my children are capable of big things.  And I am here to take care of everything else in life so that they are able to figure out what those big things are.  I can’t describe exactly how I feel when I read this, but I’ll try:

children should be children.

children should live in a world free of hate and war and unnecessary struggles.

children should spend their days discovering and exploring and smiling and laughing and loving.

(and that’s why we Montessori).


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