The Perfect Fit

Did you think that was a clever title for a post dedicated to a shoe?  Because I did.  Borderline genius.

So here’s my story, you guys:  I have 5 children.  Count ’em.  F-I-V-E.  My oldest is 8.  8 divided by 5 is less than 2.  There are less than 2 years (on average) between each of my children.  I’ve been living in baby and toddler land for so long that I’m not sure if I’d trust myself out there in the real world.  I’d probably go to a work meeting in my Minnetonka moccs and a scrunchie holding in a top knot….from yesterday.

But the point is, I know kids.  I know kids’ fashion.  I know what works and what doesn’t and I feel like I’m constantly on the search for that perfect product.  I’m critical.  If edges aren’t finished and seams aren’t straight, I won’t be paying over $5 for it.  Clearly that doesn’t apply to my own skills because we’ve all seen my 30 minute legging tutorial, right? And even if every seam and stitch is pretty dang good, I’m still critical!  But if I am going to be spending time and money on a company who markets itself as being great and wonderful, they better deliver.

Enter:  Freshly Picked.


I’m not sure I’ve had feelings like this for a children’s company before.  These feelings are intense, you guys.  I mean….obviously.  Look at that line of moccs!  I can’t stop.  So when I received the most beautiful pair of purple Freshly Picked moccasins in the mail, it was the easiest thing for me to review them.


No one can deny they are cute, right?  There are a million and 1/2 cute shoes out there for babies.  So why do I love this brand in particular?  Allow me…

(1) They are made of the softest leather my hands have ever touched.


For Christmas, my mom got me a leather bag from Anthropologie.  I don’t think I’ve ever owned something so grown up and nice.  The leather is soft and flexible and I could probably sleep on it comfortably and be happy.  These moccasins have the exact same feel.  I know that when I put them on my baby’s feet, she’ll be comfortable and happy and will be able to move around.  Which is important since my 13 month old still has no desire to walk!!!  So I’m doing everything I can to help her get a move-on.  Comfortable shoes are a good start.

(2) The stitching is perfect.  Like I said before — if stitches are ‘off’ and things aren’t straight and clean, I’m over it.  I’ll notice and I won’t buy again.  FP moccs are perfection.

(3) The colors are amazing. 


I focused on the chrome because it’s my very favorite.  But there are so many to choose from.  Gold, rose, green, blue, purple, patterned, white, black, brown, camo….and more.  And here’s the thing.  She must make them with magic or something because it doesn’t matter what color you choose, it magically goes with just about anything.  Olive lived in the gold moccs for the first 8 months of her life!

(4) They fit like a dream.  They are constructed with a tiny band of elastic around the ankle.  Enough to do the job, but not bulky and unsightly.


It makes it so easy to slip on.  Baby shoes are a nightmare to put on, I know this.  And if your child has chubby little feet it’s even harder.  Nope, not these.  They stretch until they slip over the toes and heel and when they’re on, they’re on.  Not only that, they stay on.  And…the elastic disappears.


It takes a LOT of effort for her to pull them off.  Her favorite hobby is sitting in her carseat while we’re running errands and make it her mission to get these suckers off.  It takes her a solid trip to the bank, grocery store, pick up kids, drop off at violin and post office journey before she’s even close.

(5) Packaging and Care.  I’m a sucker for packaging.  When I was in the photography biz, I spent more time and money figuring out how I wanted to present my product than on equipment.  Which may or may not be why I stepped away…but the point is that I love good packaging.


Each pair of moccs comes in a stamped drawstring bag with a removable pin attached.  If you have a collection of these suckers and want to keep them in perfect condition between wears, keep them in the bag.  Or maybe you will be like me and use the bags as snack bags and makeshift cosmetic bags and maybe you’ll find yourself paying for your groceries by reaching into your Freshly Picked drawstring bag for your money.  I mean…maybe. Oh, and care.  Each moccasin has a handwritten number (size) on the inside of each shoe.


So yeah, I mean, that’s just the size.  There’s nothing unique or special about putting a shoe size inside the shoe.  I know that.  But the fact that it’s hand written and that every single shoe has a handwritten number inside means that a lot of care and thought and passion went into making each and every pair. That kind of thing is noticeable.

(6) They are versatile.

FP-20 FP-22

Today, Olive is wearing her purple moccs with jeans and a sweater.  She’s dressing them down.  But next week you can bet you’ll see her rocking her pink pair with a dressy dress. For Easter she’s wearing her silver pair.  Basically, you can wear these with literally anything.  If I had a pair, I might try and rock them with leather pants and a fedora.  I’d make it work.

(7)  The child loves them.


See?  I’m fairy certain she’s smiling because she has the most rocking pair of kicks this side of the Mississippi.  Probably the other side, too.

Thank you to Susan of Freshly Picked.  Your passion and creativity and every second of your time you put into your company is so worth it!  Congratulations on your huge success and to all of you readers who have yet to try a pair of Freshly Picked moccasins for your little ones….go here!

Would any of you like to win a pair?  Stay tuned and keep reading…a giveaway is in the very near future!


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