It’s Wednesday, Wednesday, Wednesday, gotta get down on Wednesday.

{that’s a spoof on It’s Friday.  The song by Rebecca Black.  You don’t know it?  Who are you? Check it out here.  Once again, you’re welcome.}

Wednesday is the day I bless you all with photographs of these fashion forward kittens.  Under each picture, click on the part of the outfit you’re interested in and it’ll take you right to the product page in most cases.  Ta-da!

Maria.  If I could dress exactly like Maria every day and look just as cute, I would.  That girl’s closet is one to envy.

Tucker and Tate sweater || Gap romper || Minnetonka Moccs

James.  We currently do not iron clothes.  One day, Tara is going to teach me.  Until then….


Epic Threads button up || The Printed Palette shirt || Peek Kids skinnies || Nike kicks

Alice.  Alice is the perfect model for any clothing line.  Do you guys hear me?  All of you — you shop owners and designers.  This girl can work it. 


Lemons and Lace headband || Gap shirt || Mini Boden shorts (no longer available) || Crewcuts tights  || Nordstrom boots

Charlotte  Charlotte was not a happy camper this morning.  In this picture, she is stomping her foot.  Probably telling me I’m the meanest mom ever.


Gap shirt || Joe’s skinnies || Zara kids shoes

Olive.  Olive woke up approximately 3 minutes before this picture was taken.  She also refuses to wear any type of accessory on her head.  Headbands, bows, hats….not her cup of tea.  Oh, and Hailey is the mastermind behind the adorable sneaks.  It pays to have fashion friends.


Patagonia vest || Peek kids tee || Peek kids pants (hand-me downs) || Zara baby shoes

I’m wearing jeans and a sweatshirt.  Not even documenting it.

Hope you all have a really wonderful Wednesday.  1/2 way through the week whaaattttt???


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