Two Step

By: Dave Matthews

Celebrate we will,

Because life is short but sweet for certain.

That’s it.  That very short line reminds me of my friends who have passed away.  I’m really lucky to have friends who appreciate life.  Who live life to the fullest and take advantage of the interesting people that fill it up, the amazing places to see, and the millions of opportunities life gives us to be happy.  I have had a few friends/family members who have left too early.  Too young, too happy, too talented and too amazing to have left before ever even hitting 30.  Most recently, a family friend (her parents are very close with my in-laws) who got sick and passed away soon after.  It’s not fair.  And it reminds me that life is short — and very sweet.  And just like my friends, I need to remember to celebrate it every chance I get.


1 thought on “52:7

  1. Sherry

    Beautiful words, Ruthie. I hope they can give comfort to the Schlee’s because it is just so imaginable what they are going through.


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