Valentine’s Day (and how you should celebrate)

Happy Valentine’s Day!

The Prasils never miss a chance to dress up.  Valentine’s Day definitely calls for reds and pinks and hearts and bows and love and hugs and kisses.

We delivered.

vday'14-1 vday'14-3 vday'14-8

Find a happier bunch than this.  A group of siblings who love each other and really are each others’ best friends and when I ask for a silly picture all together, they don’t mess around.  Or they do.  However you wanna look at it, I guess.


So here’s the thing.

Buck up.

You don’t have a ‘valentine?’  Find one.

Know who else doesn’t have a valentine?  She’s single, doesn’t even have a boyfriend for this Valentine’s Day!

Maria.  vday'14-15

Oh, and Jamie.


Alice, she doesn’t have a Valentine either.


Neither does Charlotte or Olive.

But they’re loving today.  They are loving dressing up in red and have worked hard on their gifts for their friends.  Maria made us breakfast in bed (dude, Eggo waffles.  delicious.) and Jamie said, “I love you mom, thanks for this wonderful day.” I mean, it was completely monotone, but he meant it.

Walk into any elementary school today and you’ll see more proof that you don’t need to have a boyfriend or a girlfriend to love and to have a really great Valentine’s Day.

Find a friend you love.  Find 5 friends you love.  Cut hearts out of construction paper and glue them to a card.  Text your bff a hilarious meme and laugh together.  Call your mama and tell her you love her.

Or celebrate Alice style.  Run and run and laugh and don’t stop.
vday'14-18 vday'14-33 vday'14-34

Happy Valentine’s Day.  



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