What {they} Wore Wednesday

It’s Wednesday, which means it’s that time again — time for another installation of W{th}WW, the day I dress my children (totally fash) and let y’all know where you can get the same duds.


Hello Apparel here.

Gap here.

Frye here.


Peek Kids here.

Gap here.



Peek Kids here.

Joe’s here.

Nordstrom shoes here.whattheywore-12

Lemons and Lace here.

Gap here.

Levi’s here.

Sperry’s here.whattheywore-20

Gap here.

Mini Boden here.

Freshly Picked here.


You don’t need the specs on my get-up.

A couple things.

1) apparently the trend is to keep your fly zipper down.  Just ask Jamie.

2) I’m down to just needing 94 more likes on Facebook before we do the giveaway for the AMAZING camera strap giveaway from the fabulous Czarina’s Project. You need this in your life.  So go up to the facebook icon on the left hand side of the blog and ‘like’ our page.

If you want to win the camera strap, share my page on your own FB wall and that’ll get you an entry!

3) Do you love those Freshly Picked moccs?  Did you know she was on Shark Tank?  Oh, and did you know that I’m going to be giving away a pair in the near future?  You don’t want to miss that.  So follow my blog by entering your email address!



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