Snow Day

We don’t get snow days very often here.  Maybe once a year there will be enough snow for the kids to make a small snowman, but it’s always gone by day 2 at the latest.  But this year?  It’s obviously the beginning of the end.  Of time.  You know….the apocalypse.  Because this shit is cray cray.

Oops, I forgot to talk like a normal person.

The snow that has fallen is ridiculous.  We have 8″ on the ground.  8 FREAKING INCHES!!!   And thank goodness it happened on the weekend so Danny could get in it and play with the kids.  Because mama does not love the cold wet stuff.

I hide.  Like this.

I hide. Like this.

But Danny was born for the snow.  This guy would spend every one of his days snowboarding if he could.  So he actually enjoys taking the kittens out to play.  He’s a good one.

snowday14-35We loaded up the kids.  And their gear.  And a change of clothes for each of them (I have learned that you can never be too prepared when it comes to children getting cold and wet).  Then we loaded up sleds and my camera and we headed to the country club — the same place I went to sled when I was a kid.  Probably because it’s the bombest hill.  Like…super steep.


We attached the little camera to a ski pole and Maria held it and filmed herself as she was riding down.  Hysterical.


The kids had the best time.  Charlotte spent the whole time at the top of the hill, yelling orders to “the guys” below.

snowday14-31 snowday14-57Alice made a couple runs down — but was unimpressed by the temperature of the snow.


{this girl cracks me up}

Olive was a perfect baby (uhh…duh) and hung out in the car because it’s just too cold out there for a non-walking baby to sit around.


And here’s the thing about sledding: it’s all fun and games until the walk back up.  And then it sucks.

snowday14-74 snowday14-77 snowday14-82 snowday14-86But sometimes you have a daddy who is sweet enough to rescue you each time.

And other times…you are just a good sport and walk your own body up yourself.


There was not one complaint from this boy all day long.


He rode down and walked back up.  He fell over and over and face planted in the snow a couple times and each time, he got up laughing.  And seeing this boy so happy and smiling and laughing makes me full of all kinds of happy feelings.

This boy. snowday14-130

And Maria…well Maria is always happy.  She doesn’t complain and she has fun no matter what.  *sigh* Wouldn’t it be great to be like that?


And while Maria and Jamie didn’t complain one bit, this one was full of it.

snowday14-63But we all expected that.

Happy Snow Day, friends!


1 thought on “Snow Day

  1. Jilly

    Maria’s eyelashes!!!!! (And all of your beautiful children’s eyelashes for that matter!!!) Love this post, they are growing up so fast!!


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