Don’t Touch My Stuff

by Zach Gill

Don’t touch my stuff I know right where everything is,
What your calling a mess is my organazational system.
I just spread it all out on the floor
I just spread it all out on the floor
I just leave space by the door so I can come and go
(oo oo oo) I can come and go (oo oo oo oo oo oo)

treasure chest cardboard boxes filled with plastic things
little pieces of paper torn from spiral note book rings,
hand made dreamers that you cant buy in a store
I love them all so much I just want to spread them across the floor.


I hear this song and I think of Jamie.  Totally.  Jamie’s room is a Lego paradise.  To me, it’s a giant mess that makes me itch just thinking about it.  To Jamie, it’s a project just waiting to be put together.  The pieces laying all over the floor are there for a reason – even if the reason is that they just haven’t been used yet.

Jamie’s backpack is full of random things.  And his pockets!  Ugh, those pockets.  Lego heads, bits of paper, books, keychains.  So much stuff that makes no sense to me, but to him, he needs them in there.  He knows where all of his little treasures are and I suppose that’s all that matters.


[project 52 is a personal project I’m working on this year.  Each week I’ll post a song lyric or a quote and write about who or what it reminds me of and why it’s important or meaningful to me. If you have your own Project 52 you’re working on, let us know.  Until then, check out these:  Tara, Matt, Amanda.]


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