DIY Valentine’s Day Collar

Not everyone has a pink shirt with hearts on it.  Socks with cupid shooting an arrow?  Not in our drawers.  Sometimes, the best way to dress for a holiday is by accessorizing.  And it’s even better if you can do it yourself for hardly any money and spend very little time on it.



These are the colors I went with:collar-2 That really light one is a light pink.

I spent maybe 10 minutes cutting out lots of little hearts in various sizes (although none bigger than a 1/2 dollar).


Then I put a Mumford and Sons record on my tiny little turntable.  Because jams make everything more fun.


Take a piece of regular paper and cut out a pattern for your collar.  This took me a couple tries to get it just how I wanted it.  The basic shape is similar to a really fat and tall Nike swoosh if that helps at all.  Once you get it just right, cut it on a fold so you’re left with this:


I chose grey as my base color. It doesn’t matter at all.

Get your glue gun hot.  I mean…obviously.

Start with the top of the collar and layer little hearts of the same size up each side. Before putting the last heart on, glue the end of a 12″ piece of ribbon to the collar.  Like so:collar-10 collar-11

Glue a heart right on top to cover up the ugly end.collar-12

Now take the rest of your hearts.  The ones of various sizes.  Start gluing them to your collar randomly, just to cover up the collar itself.  Layer it different ways so that edges of the hearts peek out.  It’s cute.collar-14

Ta-Da!  You’re done!


Just kidding.  You’re not done.

Now take smaller hearts.  Maybe 2 different sizes?  Gather them all up.  We’re going to use these to glue on top of our base layer of hearts.

Glue them to pieces of the collar that look boring and blah.

Perfect!  If you want to stop here, you totally can.  It’s cute as-is. See?collar-20

But my girls like a little bling.  I recruited Alice to help me with the sparkles since she is pretty much an expert.

I just found glitter I already had and some random glue.collar-21 Alice helped me trace around the collar with the glue and we sprinkled it with gold glitter.

(Uhhh…if you want it to look really good, do this yourself.)collar-22

Make a little bow out of the ribbon, glue it to the center of your collar and tie it around your adorable subject.collar-24

Honestly….freaking adorable.

Make a collar and post it to the Fairy Wings and Dinosaurs Facebook page!

And if you think this DIY is fun and cute and easy, pin it!

Happy Thursday!


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