I know that everyone says, “I have the best friends ever!” I really do believe that they mean it, but I feel bad for them because the truth is, I am the one who has the best friends ever.  And I think everyone knows that there can only be one “best.”

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My friends have saved me over and over.  They’ve inspired me and talked me down from my little bits of crazy and encouraged me.  They’ve laughed with me and laughed at me and made me laugh at them. They love my kids more than I could have ever asked for and I know they’d do anything for them. Even with a family of their own.


Tara has twins babies and a toddler and could still run this world.  Successfully. Oh, and she’s still an awesome friend, even though she has a million things going on in her life.  Hailey is hilarious and super fashion and I want those skills.  She is always asking how her friends are and she actually, truly cares.  She’s a good one.  Sadie is compassionate and has this friendship thing down.  She is always dropping by to see how we are and she never leaves a conversation without asking how we are all doing.  Haley is a working mom who has that all figured out.  And as busy as she is, she still makes time for friends.  Megan started an amazing school, her passionate is obvious and she is as thoughtful as she is driven.  Leann and Jessica are both friends who have moved away, but I never feel like things aren’t like they always have been.  And that’s not easy.  They are both such good friends that I’d never trade for anything.  I have so many friends who make my life so happy.  I’m a lucky girl.


All these friends?  They have talents and personalities and gifts that I love.  And not only that, they don’t keep all those to themselves.  And that’s what makes them really great friends.  They are willing to share and they’re willing to give and because of them, I’m a better person.


dirtbike-106 jessbridesmaids JB-22So basically, here’s this.  Friends should build you up.  You should never have to worry about whether or not friends are talking about you behind your back.  Friends should be happy for you when great things happen and should be there for you when things are rough. Friends don’t make you cry. They don’t try and one-up you every chance they get and when you do something awesome, they give you props. They know what’s going on in your life and, here’s the kicker:  they care.  It’s not always the easiest thing to be a good friend.  But life is so much happier when you are one.

haileywine grad

Every day I’m thankful for my friends. I owe it to my kids to get rid of negativity, and I’m working on that.  It can be really hard. I want them to grow up knowing what a happy and healthy relationship is. Not just with partners and/or spouses but with other important people in our lives, too. Ya know…like friends. I want Maria to be silly with her friends.  I want Alice to laugh with her girlfriends as she grows up.  Charlotte should know that to be a generous friend means being a good friend.  I hope I am teaching Olive to be kind and be a good listener.  Jamie should see my friendships and know that friendships aren’t full of drama.  And so far…I think we’re doing okay.


Noah is Jamie’s favorite person in the world. They are the best of friends.


B and Charlotte. The B and C sisters.


Maria and Anna are joined at the hip.


Hey, friends….all of you…thanks.

xoxo, The Prasils.


1 thought on “Friendships

  1. Sherry

    So true, Ruthie! My Mom used to always say “you have to BE a friend to make a friend”. Truer words have never been spoken and believe me my Mom (and Dad) had many friends and of all ages. Thank you for raising your sweet kittens (I love how you refer to them as that) and helping them to grow into good people and citizens. That’s what life is all about!


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