Their World : 1

The tv was off limits.  Video games were shut off.


All 5 of my kittens were in the living room by the fire.  Playing alone but together.  Super aware of each other’s presence and loving it.

These moments are few and far between.  While Maria might be drawing her latest fashion in her room, there’s a chance Jamie is in the basement with his bin of Legos.  Charlotte and Alice will be on the main floor playing Mom and Honey while Olive is crawling around at my feet.  They love each other, there’s no doubt, but there’s just enough of an age difference between Maria and Alice and a difference in interests between Jamie and the girls that they aren’t always together playing.  When I catch it, it feels like gold.

[“Their World” is a project I’m working on with my friend Jude and several other photographers/bloggers.  Several times a month, I’ll post on the topic of “their world” and catch 3-5 of my kids together and candidly playing, reading, watching tv, whatever it is that is happening in their world.  I will always link up to someone else’s project, so be sure to check out their children’s world as well as mine.]

Check out Melinda’s post here.


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