Close your eyes and drift into the night, little one.

Close your eyes and i will tell you just how much you’re loved.

And the angels dance around you,

And they love to watch you sleep.

(I’m unsure on the artist or title — I heard this on another blogger’s site and fell in love)

This song reminds me of Olive.  Maybe because she still seems new to me and she’s still so much my little baby.  I know, she’s already a year old — but there’s a really good chance she will be my last baby.  The last baby I’ll ever just be so completely, utterly, stupid in love with.  And sleeping babies are magic.  They are whimsical and pixie-ish and so perfect.  And Olive especially.  I don’t feel this way about the older kids because nighttime with them is kind of a nightmare.  There’s nothing magic about it!  (yes, there are SO MANY other moments with each of them are magic…but not bedtime).  But with her…I lay her down to sleep and she looks up at me and then rolls over to sleep.  Just like that.  It’s peaceful and calm and I could just sit and watch her sleep and be perfectly content.


{Project 52 is a personal project I’m doing where I choose a theme and post on it each week.  This year I am posting a song lyric or quote along with who or what it reminds me of and why.  Do you want to join me?  Comment here with link to your project 52 so we can all enjoy.  In the meantime, check out Tara and Matt. }

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