I have learned a lot of things (I mean…a lot) in my 8.5 years of being a mom.  But one thing that I’ve learned over and over again is from Maria:

Give and give and give.

She’s a giver.  Her heart is so big that I’m pretty sure it will burst one of these days.  She has a million ideas in that little head of hers and while there is the occasional selfish thought (because she’s 8), the majority of them are all thought up with the idea that she can help others.

Her most recent project is ARC: Animal Respect Club.  It popped into her head a couple months ago after watching a video at school of animals (I think maybe they were of the poultry variety) being mistreated at a factory.  The original name for her club was the Hen Respect Club which I happen to absolutely adore — but Mr. Matt had a good point that maybe they should choose a name that includes all creatures who may be being mistreated.  And so the Animal Respect Club was born. She roped in all of her school friends to be a part of it.  They hold meetings at school.  They have ideas to hold egg sales and have rallies and really “help all those animals!”  It’s adorable.

So let’s get to the point, shall we?  Are you all familiar with the recent Loom Bracelet craze?

ARC-1 These tiny little rubber bands (we have approximately 10,000 on our floor in various locations) are put on a loom and wrapped around each other until, voila, out pops a cute little bracelet.


Do you want one?  Maria is selling them to raise money for ARC.


“ARC is a place where we can help animals who can’t help themselves.  I think it’d be really fun to sell stuff and keep the money until we have enough to buy an animal for a family.  Like that one thing we did once (Heifer International).  And the family can help care for their animal and it can help them survive.”

Really, this girl is pretty amazing.

Here are the deets:



16 thoughts on “ARC

  1. Lindsay

    The Porth Girls have approximately 3,000 of these bracelets, but we want to make a donation to ARC. Do they have paypal yet? 😉

      1. thearcticpanda

        Fantastic! I’ll take 3 bracelets with a charm. It’s Hayden’s birthday next month so lets make them fun and girly, I’ll let you guys take the reigns for the colors 🙂 I’ll send some $ out to you tomorrow.

  2. rainysimpson

    Bless her little heart, clearly you have done well with that sweet soul! We will take two bracelets (small for littles). I’ll put $ in an envelope addressed to the “ARC” in Maria’s mailbox on Tuesday;)

  3. Sherry Seeh

    Ruthie, if she has time this week, could she make 2 in Seahawk colors? One for me (I have small wrist) and one for my hubby? I will wear them to a big Super Bowl party we are going to and maybe I can get you more orders!

      1. Sherry Seeh

        Super! Are you around tomorrow? I could stop by to pick up. I’m heading that direction to do a stop at St. Vinny’s.

        On another note, I posted some fused glass jewelry I’m making today. Would your girls like rings? Let me know colors they like – they are a snap to make. Anything I could make for Jamie? And these are a gift – I wanted to give one to Bellamy and thought I’d include your kids, too.


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