Friday Favorites


Oh, hey.  In some parts of the world, it’s still Friday.

(I actually don’t think that’s true at all.  But for the sake of this blog, can we pretend?)

Top 10 Favorite Movies (in no particular order)

10.  Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas — First of all, Johnny Depp is just the best.  I love him. 2ndly, this reminds me so much of highschool and Clay and Danny that I can’t help but be taken back to 2002 every time I watch it.  And that’s not a bad thing.  2002 wasn’t so bad.

9. A Perfect World — I have seen this movie so many times and each time I end it in tears.  It’s about a guy who escapes from jail and he ends up with a little boy as a hostage.  The 2 of them form a relationship and bond and end up really caring about each other…and stuff like that gets me.

8. Beasts of the Southern Wild — I love everything about this movie.  The little girl who plays the main character is amazing.  The way everything was shot is unique and interesting.  The story itself is touching.  It’s just really, really good.  It’s incredibly sad and not uplifting at all — you’ve been warned.

7.  Stoked — you guys, this is my guilty pleasure.  It’s a documentary about a skateboarder (Gator Rigowski) who killed his girlfriend.  I’ve seen it over a dozen times and I seriously love it.

6.  Pan’s Labyrinth — Love it.  It’s magical and intense and sad and action-packed.  It’s in Spanish with English sub-titles and I know that  it’s hard for a lot of people to enjoy sub-titled movies (psh), but it’s worth it.

5. Alice in Wonderland — Because Johnny Depp is awesome, remember?  I don’t know why I love this version so much, but I do.  Probably because I can watch it with my kids and they love it almost as much as I do.  You know those people who make it their mission in life to memorize every single quote about true love or friendship or whatever?  I mean, I think we all know those people who pin stuff like that non-stop….well, I’m the girl who memorizes Alice quotes.  I love ’em.

4.  Dumb and Dumber — Don’t judge me.  I can see you judging me.  Quit it.  I love this movie because it reminds me of Dan every single time.  Every time I see someone drinking a GIANT soda from a gas station, I think of this movie and then I think of Danny.  So here’s the thing: Danny quotes this movie ALL THE TIME.  And he usually quotes it with his best friend (whose name also happens to be Danny, weird).  And I think there is something really sweet and endearing about two 29 year old guys who have been quoting the exact same movie for 17 years….and can go months without talking, but then break out into a texting conversation starting it up with a Dumb and Dumber quote and get it.  I love that.

3.  Pulp Fiction – Everyone in this movie is awesome.  It’s weird and crazy and kind of hard to follow, but it’s awesome and dramatic and full of action.

2. Neverending Story — When you were little, did you ever wear a necklace around your head and say, “Sebastian….Please….CALL MY NAME!!”  No?  hmmm…..

1. The Labyrinth – Speaking of Jennifer Connelly, let’s talk about The Labyrinth.  I mean….seriously?  Best movie ever.  David Bowie.  Jennifer Connelly.  Goblins.  WIth that line up?  Done.

“You remind me of the babe….what babe?….the babe with the power…what power?…the power of voodoo….who do?….you do….do what?….REMIND ME OF THE BABE.”‘

You guys, I could go on and on with Labyrinth quotes but I’ll stop.  You’re welcome.


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