“Our life is frittered away by detail;

Simplify, simplify, simplify.”

-Henry David Thoreau


I have a tendency to make life complicated.  I over-think situations and I question almost every one of my actions (usually after I do them) and worry so much that it was the wrong thing to do or say. Sometimes, it makes me feel crazy. I obsess over things and it’s ridiculous.  It doesn’t make life easy.

And as I’m nearing 30 (gimme a year and 1/2 and I’ll be there) I’m learning that I’m spending my life making things complicated.  My life is “frittered away by detail.”  Little things that really don’t matter…but in my mind, they do.  I’m also learning how to simplify.

Relationships should be simple.  They aren’t always, but they sure would be in a perfect world, right? They should be easy without constant luxury or showiness. They should be natural.  Real. That showiness…the glimmer, it doesn’t last.  Things that are really exciting, really bright, and always (always) fun usually fade.

I want my life to be simple.  Complication leads to anxiety and that’s when I feel overwhelmed and exhausted and like things are just really, really hard.

This is what I want:


It’s simply beautiful.  Tiny little simple details come together to create something perfect. Look…you don’t fret over the details because you see that incredible overall picture. ( If you look closely, there’s a puke stain in the corner. Her shirt is crazy-wrinkled and her nose is caked with snot.  But look at her. *sigh* )

I feel like I’m almost there.  I can taste it.  I’ve filled my life with people who make me incredibly happy.  People who are not only fun and smart, but who are kind and generous and good.

My family is not complicated.  For that, I’m grateful.  We don’t fight.  When there is an argument, it’s over almost as quickly as it began.  I love being with each of them and I’d choose that over being at a crowded party any day.

My friendships are not complicated.  My friendships are simple.  We give to each other with no expectations of receiving things in return.  For that….I’m grateful.   Simple doesn’t always mean easy.  Sometimes you really, really just want things.  You want things to be all about you and you want the attention, the accolades and the applause.  But good friendships don’t work like that.  All of those things…they come naturally and they’re spread around.  Unselfishly. That’s the best kind of friendship.

My relationship with my husband is something that I am so lucky to have.  We understand each other and know what matters to the other.  And there’s something very simple in that.

2014 is the year of simplicity for me.  It’s a time when I’m going to try really hard to step away from complicated situations and find an easier way.  No…a simpler way.



n. noun
  1. The property, condition, or quality of being simple or uncombined.
  2. Absence of luxury or showiness; plainness.
  3. Absence of affectation or pretense

Happy Sunday


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