The Dixie Chicks

As you wander through this troubled world

In search of all things beautiful

You can close your eyes when you’re miles away

And hear my voice like a serenade.

How long do you wanna be loved?

Is forever enough?  Is forever enough?

I always feel especially emotional when I hear this song.  My kids – all 5 of them – are the most beautiful things I could have ever imagined having.  I am the mom I never thought I would be.  The words they are allowed to say never cross over into the “butt,” “hate,” or “fart” world.  They aren’t allowed to watch shows that have themes like teenage boyfriend/girlfriends and I don’t let Maria listen to Justin Beiber or One Direction.  You guys, I’m a prude.  I’m terrified for junior high.  I’m horrified by the thought of them in highschool with boyfriends and/or girlfriends.  I want my kids to stay innocent and perfect and the world is anything but that.  I want them to always believe they are beautiful and smart and wonderful and I know that the world will try and tell them otherwise.

This song describes how I feel perfectly.  I will always be the safe place for them.  Even when they’re out there…I’ll still be here.  And no matter what — whether they are artists or doctors or dancers or straight or gay or rich or poor — I will love them forever, without thinking twice.



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