Before the Makeover

We moved in June.  We moved from a brand new house (we were the first owners) to a house built in 1920 (ish).  We moved from a quiet culdesac to a neighborhood downtown.  This move was the best move ever.  Part of why we fell in love with the house was the fact that a family lived here.  A family grew up here, made memories here, loved this house.  We are really excited to do the same.

The house itself is really amazing.  It’s big with a ton of details and nooks and crannies and unique spaces.  The view is crazy beautiful.  We’re on the river.  And even thought it’s a really great home, we are ready to make it a little more ours.  When it was remodeled in the ’60s, I don’t doubt that everything was top-knotch.  I bet the cabinets were top of the line and the countertops were the best for the time.  Now it’s a little outdated.  It’s not horrible.  But it’s not us.

Here’s the before:


Here’s the little dining nook and built-in hutch:mothersdaytea-4

Here’s the tv/family room:mothersdaytea-3

The storage space is unbelievable.

We’re keeping the cabinet space, but giving it a face-lift.  My friend Jessica is a realtor/interior designer and we are hiring her to help us.  She knows who does what, who does the best job, helps us figure out how much of x, y, and z we need.  We tell her what we want and what our style is and she helps us fine-tune our final decisions.

You guys.  This kitchen is going to be bomb.

Stainless steel countertops with butcher block ends.  Seamless stainless sink.

New cabinet faces.

Skateboard tile backsplash (we found a company that uses skateboard decks to make tiles…they scream “Prasil” and we love them!).

New appliances…ones that make sense for a large family. A gas range for the chef.

Paint, lighting fixtures, updated can lights to replace what is there now.

We had to move everything out of the cabinets.  Our dining room looks like this:


If you know me, you know how hard this is to look at.  I don’t like clutter.  Look at our walls — they are pretty bare.  I like things put away and organized.  Seeing this makes my head hurt, but I know that I’ll be SO glad for our kitchen to get a much-needed makeover.


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