The Party

Welp…the confetti dress I ordered for Miss Olive didn’t arrive.  I mean, yeah, I totally paid the $26 extra shipping because I found it on Monday and it was perfect, and I even emailed the shop owner and said, “Listen.  This dress is perfect.  But the party is Sunday.  Can we get it by then?”  She said yes.  She typed it actually.

Truthfully, it’s not her fault.  It’s probably stuck at the Canadian border, being worn by some adorable baby who says, “Eh?” at the end of every sentence.  But ya know what?  We’re fine with it because part of the awesomeness of living on the Boulevard is that we have our friends right next door who dig into their closet and find something for your baby to wear.  So Olive looked adorable.

And so did her cake.

Okay, so Sadie bought me this cookbook as a hostess gift for the last party I threw (I’ve decided that I might throw a party every couple of weeks just because of the hostess gifts!!) and it’s my new favorite.


Since I’m basically French (oui oui) I decided to try my hand at the crepe cake.

I made 15 crepes.  Used 13 of them.


Danny made the diplomat cream.  Took forever and a day.


But look at it.

olivebday-7 olivebday-8

It sat in the fridge for a couple days and this morning we sprinkled sugar on it and carmelized the top of that sucker.


Oh, and look.  The cake toppers look rather perfect.

Oliveparty-18 Oliveparty-20

I need a crepe pan.

Olive wasn’t quite sure what to think about it.


We had pulled chicken, rolls, bacon and cheddar scones (from the same cookbook), slaw salad, crepe cake, pudding cups, fruit, pound cake and yummy drinks…

Oliveparty-15 Oliveparty-21

Olive was perfect the whole time.  Duh.  Why do you think she has her own hashtag on Instagram?  (#chroniclesoftheperfectbaby)

Even when things get ridiculous.



Thanks, Sadie.


And just because these shoes make me squeal..


This baby is loved.  Like…a lot.

Oliveparty-61 Oliveparty-62 Oliveparty-63 Oliveparty-64 Oliveparty-65

Yep, she got some pretty great gifts.  But more than that — there were people at her party who could have very easily not come.  Like people who live in Moscow/Pullman.  Some with twin infants and a toddler.  Some who kind of felt like….@(*$#  but came anyway.  People who go back to work tomorrow and probably would have rather been getting ready for that.

But for Olive, they came.

We missed our friends who were out of town or who had to work — but they spoil Olive so much anyway that we didn’t think twice about it.  🙂

What a lucky baby.



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