Confetti and Glitter – DIY cake toppers

Olive turns 1 in a few days and tomorrow is her birthday celebration.


I love these first few birthdays when they don’t care about Dora, they have no color preference and they’re happy with no gifts whatsoever.  Ah, the early years.

I happen to be on a glitter and confetti kick.  Yeah, you definitely read that right.  A glitter and confetti kick.  I get on kicks.  And I’m lucky that in our family, we have just enough birthdays to satisfy my kicks.

Yesterday, I made several things for this little one’s birthday.  Glitter cake toppers, a fancy banner and a crepe cake.

Here, I’ll let you in on my craftiness….

DIY cake toppers:


Step 1:  With the hot glue (make sure the gun is completely heated up.  Turn it on and then go and put away some laundry, make some lunch, catch up on Rodeo Girls….just make sure it’s hot), freehand the design that you want your cake topper to be right on top of the magazine.  The magazine is glossy, so it won’t permanently stick, I promise. I just spelled out Olive’s name and the number “1” (since, ya know, it’s her first birthday).

You have to work quickly because the hot glue cools down really fast.  Finish the design and stick your skewer (or popscicle stick, whatever) in the lower part of the design, right at the bottom.  Sprinkle the top with glitter.


Step 2:  Curl up the magazine and funnel that extra glitter off your space.  Repeat step 1, right over the glitter you JUST sprinkled.


Step 3:  wait for that to dry completely.  After a couple minutes, peel your glitter number/letter/shape off of the magazine.  This should be fairly easy.  Turn it over and repeat steps 1 and 2.


olivebday-17 olivebday-19

(Thank you, Pinterest, for this idea!)

I would do a tutorial for you on how to make a triangle banner, but I’m fairly certain I’ve already done one.  Or 2.  Probably even 3.

Happy Saturday!


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