Life is Better with You

by Michael Franti

Every day’s not Valentine’s, 
but you make it feel like most of the time, 
when I’m all alone with you. 

Some days are better than other days,
but these days, life is better with you.
And when I think about the things that we’ve been through,
I know just one thing is true, life is better with you.


I’m starting out things mushy.

I’ve almost been with Danny for 1/2 of my life.  That’s crazy.  (almost) 1/2 of every day that I’ve been alive, I’ve been together with Danny.  Sometimes I think, “What if LaRissa never introduced me to that guy.  What if we gave up when we graduated highschool?”  And then I laugh because that’s so silly.

100%, he’s my other 1/2.  On a scale of 1-cheesy movie, what would you rank that line?  “The Notebook.”  That’s what.

But it’s true.  I cannot imagine a life without Danny.  Life is better with him.  We’ve each been through rough times individually over the years.  I am not sure where I’d be if he wasn’t there to help me get through mine.  I know it’s a rare thing that a teen pregnancy ends in marriage and stays that way.  I know that highschool sweethearts don’t usually get to say, 10 years later, “Yep, we’re still married.”  But with him, I get to say that.  With us, it’s true.

And Danny…life is better with you.



1 thought on “52:1

  1. Shay

    Thanks for making tears stream down my emotional face. I’m a bit sensitive these days, and that makes me think of how grateful and thankful I am for Scott and my healthy baby. Xo


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