Project 52: Ahhh…Music to my Ears

2 years ago I did a Project 52 for my blog.  A project 52 is where once a week, one posts on a specific prompt which stays the same all year long.  2 years ago my prompt was “I love you because….”  It was fun.  After the first 15 weeks of “you’re cute”… “you’re funny”…”you’re sweet”….and all the obvious reasons why I love this family of mine, I had to really reflect and think about all the qualities all my favorites have and what it is about each of them that I really, really love.

I like writing with a purpose.  I like silly and random posts, too, but my favorite posts are when I have something inside me that I need to get out.  That maybe I’m too shy or too reserved (haha) or too anxious to say out loud, in real life. It’s true that we are much braver behind our computer (or phone) screens.  And that’s not always a bad thing.

Back to my last project — for Christmas last year, I gave my kids a book I made from my Project 52.  It was hard bound and inside I had transferred every blog post I had on the subject.  We love looking through it.  There are pictures from when Charlotte was just a baby.  Pictures of Maria skateboarding and Jamie dressing up and Alice doing tricks off of our fireplace.  And I think about how in 50 years, they’ll show this book to their grand babies and then maybe 50 years after that, it’ll be shown to more and more little ones — and they’ll know who I was and how I felt about my family.


So this year, I’m starting it back up.  For this year’s project, each week I will choose a song…bits and pieces of it, specifically….and write about why and how that reminds me of someone.  90% of the time, it will be my family, but lots of songs remind me of lots of different people, so you never know.  I’m starting tomorrow.


If you want to join me, comment any time on my Project 52 posts and give us all a link to yours!  I’ll add any blogs who want to join me at the bottom of my post so people can easily check yours out.  It’s really fun to see what prompts people come up with.  And if you’ve never had a blog, but think this might be something you’d like to do, start a blog just for your project!  Once a week — an hour tops.  That’s all it takes.  And at the end of the year, you’ll have something worth publishing 😉


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