2014: The Year of Awesome

I’m so good at New Year’s Resolutions.  For approximately 1 month.  Then I’m horrible at them.  I’m that girl who decides to get into shape and I hit it hard at first…then start eating cake.  I have really good intentions of being a nicer person and then someone does something stupid and I’m mean again.  My kids’ lunches look awesome until after Valentine’s Day and then it’s back to lunchables and Campbell’s soup on the go.

2014 is different.  I mean…I think it’s going to be.  Because I’m going to try really hard.  Like, harder than normal.  Step 1:  I’m not gonna call the following items “New Year’s Resolutions.”  They will be “Goals for 2014.”  I am really good at reaching goals.

Drumroll please…….

1: Get back into shape.  There was a time, you guys, that I wore a size 2/4.  That was before 5 babies.  That was when I was a teenager.  Now, I know I will never look good in a bikini again (stretch marks for dayyyyyys) but I do know that I can get back into shape.

2: Backbend and jump through like a BA.  This will take a real commitment to yoga, but I really really want to complete this goal.  Nothing makes you feel stronger and more awesome than yoga.  At least this is true for me.  That warrior pose makes me feel like a badass every time.

3: Less stress and anxiety.  This is hard.  I have a doctor’s rx to help me with this, but I was disappointed to learn (shortly after being prescribed it) that it’s not a magical cure.  It takes a lot of effort for me to calm my mind down, even with that extra dose of help.  I am going to make it my goal to research and find ways that I can help myself when I’m feeling out of control anxious and worried.

4: DO MORE FUN STUFF.  I get cabin fever.  Especially if my cabin is full of laundry.  While I sit and fold it, I am always thinking about what I could be doing.  Where the kids and Dan and I could be taking off to.  The coast.  Quick weekend trip to Portland.  The park.  Neighborhood walk.  2014 is the year that we decide to be spontaneous and fun.  I want to create really fun memories and do things we don’t normally do…and make that our new normal.

5: Chill out.  My feelings aren’t hurt very often, but I do have a really low tolerance for stupid people and assholes.  Usually they are one in the same.  But in 2014, I’m going to try and let more things just roll right off my shoulders.  I have a hard time reminding myself that a lot of things just don’t matter. Am I happy?  Am I healthy?  Are my children and husband safe and healthy and taken care of?  Great. Everything and everyone else that pisses me off can just go in my “don’t think about it” pile.  Because now I have one.

6: Be nicer to my dogs and have no dead animals this year.

There you have it.  My top 6 goals for 2014.


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