Welcome to Mount Olympus

I need to make something very clear before I start.  I did not force the Greek Mythology theme on Jamie for his birthday party.  Oh, no.  If it had been up to me, I would have done Lego.  Lord of the Rings.  Minecraft.  ANYTHING but Greek Mythology.

First, go on Pinterest.  There is one other person besides me who has thrown a Greek god/goddess party.  That’s how hard it is to do.

But Jamie was pretty adamant that Greek mythology is what he wanted.

So Greek mythology is what Jamie got.

I went to WalMart and bought $4 white twin sized sheets.  I cut them in 1/2:  1 part for Jamie and 1 part for Alice.  Maria used some ecru ruffle fabric I had that happened to be the exact right size for a toga.  You guys, I had to YouTube “How to Tie a Toga.”

I nailed it.


1 hour before the party, I was googling “homemade Hercules costume” because I forgot to put Jamie’s costume together. I’m not kidding.  I had Alice figured out (Medusa).  Maria’s was easy (add some gold to her toga).  But I had completely forgotten about Jamie.  Whoops.  Luckily, Ruthie is a fabric hoarder and has so many cuts of fabric that it’s embarrassing.  I managed to sew together some cuffs, a belt, and a headband for him…complete with gold leaves cut out of sparkle cardboard coasters and sewn on.    I’m a freaking magician.  The red t-shirt just brought it all together.


Alice.  Hysterical.


I required (almost) a full sheet.  New Year’s Resolution:  get skinny.

I was Hera….Zeus’ wife of course.

Photo Dec 28, 4 13 41 PM

Olive was the cutest toga baby ever.

Photo Dec 28, 5 33 10 PM

When school first started in September (I think it was as early as September), Jamie showed Miss Tracy a picture of the cake he wanted her to make for his party.  Miss Tracy is his friend Nerissa’s mom and she helps out at the school during lunch.  She has made cakes for us before.  Maria’s amazing green ombre skatepark cake.  Jamie’s R2D2 cake.  She’s pretty awesome.  Anyway, it was a picture of a cyclops.



Because it’s really hard to figure out activities for a winter birthday party…let alone a winter GREEK MYTHOLOGY birthday party…we did lame stuff.  Like word searches.


But we also went on a neighborhood scavenger hunt.  We had to find things like red pens, postage stamps, and Christmas cookies.  Hey friends of the Boulevard….I fully expected at least one of you to have the latest issue of US Weekly.  I cannot be the only one who reads that….

I love this group of kids from Jamie’s class.  On the invite, it mentioned dressing up as your favorite Greek god or goddess (because, like, who doesn’t have a favorite Greek god??).  So many of his friends dressed up and it made it so much fun.

greekparty-36 greekparty-37

We ate pizza.  Painted faces.  Created constellations out of glitter and jewels.

Ran around like crazy.  Ate a cyclops.

Ya know, the usual.


Now I can rest for a week before Olive turns 1.


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