Jamie is 7

He’s 7.  There’s no denying that 7 is definitely a big kid.

He was born fast.  He came so quickly that they literally had to pull a doctor into the tiny delivery room as she was walking past.  She only had time to put gloves on.  My epidural failed so I screamed my head off.  He was born at 1:40pm.  He was 7 lbs, 14 oz and had so much hair everywhere.  Ah, he was beautiful.

jamiebaby newjamie

He still is.


I wish I had the words to describe the type of person Jamie is.


I’ll do my best.


He’s extremely intelligent.  He not only reads (and has read for a really long time…LONG time) but understands everything he reads.  He remembers it all, too.  He will randomly say, “Did you know…..” and then give an off-the-wall fact about anything.  Greek gods.  The universe.  Cheese.  Biomes.  I’m serious.


He’s confident.  He knows who he is and he isn’t ashamed of it.  He doesn’t bend to please others.  He knows what he likes and he won’t try and be someone he’s not.  The other day I told him how proud I was of his confidence and that it’s very brave to be yourself.  He smiled and hugged me.


He’s funny.  He’s not silly-funny, and he usually doesn’t really know that he’s being funny.  But he’s hilarious.  He is so literal and so real that he doesn’t usually allow people to be wrong, exaggerate, be dramatic, or be sarcastic.  And it’s so funny.


He is fun.  Most of his time is spent by himself building Legos or reading, but when he plays pretend with his sisters or with friends, he’s all in.


He is beautiful.  He has the most beautiful eyes.  His skin is soft and turns brown as a berry in the summer and stays the perfect olive shade in the winter.  His hair is thick and he has so much of it.  His smile is amazing and takes over his whole face.


He is unique.  He is a different kid.  Different as in…amazing.  He’s unique in the best way I could have ever imagined.  He’s hard to get to know and to understand, but once you do, you love him.  He has so much to offer the world.


Maria is an extrovert.  She lives to be social and have tons of friends and organize everything and be a leader.  I LOVE that about her.  I also love the fact that Jamie is the opposite.  He’s shy.  He is content to be alone and play and build.  He has friends for sure, but he isn’t always wishing he had someone to play with every second of the day.

He’s sweet.  I can’t tell you how many times a day he tells me he loves me.  How often he gives me hugs and offers kisses.  He waves and tells me he loves me every day as he’s walking into school.  He tells Charlotte he hopes she has a great day at Dawn’s.  He tells Alice to have a good morning and he’ll see her in the afternoon.  He tells Maria that her drawings are great.  He talks baby talk to Olive and calls her the “cutest baby.”  He’s not shy about any of it, even when his friends are standing right there next to him.


He doesn’t see things as being “girly” or stupid to play.  I love that about him.  When he and his sisters play pretend, he doesn’t mind dressing up in a dress if that’s the role he’s given.  Sure, he’d rather be a knight, but he doesn’t think it’s weird or horrible to play the role of the queen, either.  He watches Winx Club (a fairy movie) with the girls all the time and thinks it’s fun and awesome…not as cool as Star Wars, but it’s in his top 5.  He doesn’t rough house.  He’s not a bully and he doesn’t think it’s necessary to show the world how tough and macho he is.  I know boys his age who do…and I’m so glad I have Jamie.


While he’d rather be home with Legos, he doesn’t mind adventure, especially if it’s with Daddy.  He loves going camping with Dan and being with his dad might be one of his favorite things.


Sandpoint-101 snowday-52

He’s my only boy.  He lives in a sea of girls.  He’s soft and sweet and the girls are so lucky to grow up with a brother like him.  He will protect them…not by being mean and tough and a bully…but by being their friend and always being by their side.  Maria is his best friend and it’s my favorite.

Happy Birthday, Jamie.

Hip, hip, hooray!


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