I knew when I was 16.  I knew that Danny was the guy I was going to be with.  It’s corny and cliche and sounds just about as stupid as it possibly could sound, but I’m telling the truth.  Scout’s honor.

We broke up a couple times.  Once in high school and once in college.  Each time, I was a total and complete wreck.  I remember the college breakup especially — he was going to school in Bellingham while I was in Seattle.  He did it over AIM (yes, totally over internet chat) and when I read his words I was pretty sure my heart had stopped.  I sobbed and sobbed.  I begged him to get his shit together and just quit it!  It was a ROUGH week.  I was absolutely pathetic.  My brother lived there at the time and tried to take care of me, but it still sucked. But I guess that’s how it feels when someone and something you absolutely KNOW is perfect for you threatens to leave.  (was that deep?  totally meant it to be). But don’t you worry.  I reeled him back in with my charm and good looks.  Or maybe I’d called crying too many times for him to count and he was done with it.  Either way, we got back together.  And we stayed that way.

Even after a surprise pregnancy at 19, marriage at 20…we’re 12 years deep into this relationship and going strong.

Was this all way too much info for you guys?  Whatever.  It was Danny’s birthday on Sunday and I forgot to blog about it.

This guy who is hilarious.  The guy who would do anything I ask without even thinking about it.  If I call in a complete panic over a cut on my finger that may or may not be cancerous (ohhhh I wish I was kidding) he knows what to say.  The guy who never comes home and gets upset if the house is a wreck or we have nothing in our house to throw together for dinner.  He’s the one who will go back out to Albertson’s and whip up something delicious.

He’s a skateboarder.  The one who is responsible for the amazing skatepark in our little community.  He’s passionate about the sport and he’s passionate about making it happen not only for himself but for the hundreds of kids who might be passionate one day, too.

He’s a snowboarder.  The guy who has been snowboarding for years and years and years.  The one who went to summer camps at Mt. Hood.  He made snowboarding his life.  And he’s the same guy who never complains when he only gets a solid 5 weekends of snowboarding in a year because of his 5 kittens and wife.

He is the best friend anyone could ever ask for.  He’ll do anything for you.  And what I love about this guy is that my friends are also his friends and I know he’d do anything for my friends, too.

The best daddy.  Ever.  He’s the calm to my chaotic.  The patient to my annoyed.  He’s the perfect mix of go with the flow and disciplinarian.  He’s responsible and fun and sweet.  He’s the perfect example for the kids.

He’s generous.

He’s beautiful.

He’s hysterical.

He knows a lot.  I’ll ask him a question about something random and 90% of the time, he’ll know the answer.

And now he’s 29.  I think next year, a giant party is in order, huh?

Happy Birthday, Danny.  You’re the best.  Times a million muchas.

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