December has Arrived

It’s here.  It’s surprised me.  I feel like we were just doing cannonballs off of Lala’s diving board and perfecting the art of doing nothing.  (We aren’t quite there yet, so we’ll keep at it next summer)

Our Thanksgiving was pretty bomb and the weekend after was great.  And yesterday after work, we celebrated December with a Christmas tree.  A real one (we may or may not have used our tree from last year as my Festival of Trees tree).  It smells wonderful.

When I was a kid, decorating the tree was the best.  We did it the traditional way — we had ornaments that we had collected each year and one of my favorites parts of Christmas was going through them and trying to remember why I had each one.  I wish I was better at doing this with my kids.  I lack one thing that my mom had tons of:  patience.  I get really impatient.  I just want it to be over already.  How awful is that?  But the kids love it so I try my very hardest to let my living room be an absolute disaster.

first snow-17first snow-19first snow-21first snow-24

Last year, Ruthie thought she lost all her stockings.  So she bought new ones.  Ruthie is silly and forgot that there was another bag in storage with the stockings.  Danny brought them each home (each set of stockings) and we put one set up.  I love stockings. (I wish I got paid each time I said….. stockings)

first snow-3

Charlotte used very careful hands with the ornaments.  It’s hard to have careful hands when you’re 2 and 1/2.

first snow-8

Let me tell you something I hate:  Christmas villages.  Mom, I’m sorry.  But I absolutely HATE having a Christmas village set up in my home.  It’s not like I hate them in general.  I just hate having tiny bits of snow all over my floor for 4 weeks straight.  I hate having giant people sledding around between itty bitty houses.  I hate how the trees feel.  And I hate that, without a doubt, at least 1 house will break each season.  But the kids love it.  So, once again, I try.

You guys, I’m such a giver.

first snow-12 first snow-14

We ordered Chinese food and set up the tree.  The kids had a great time and I had delicious almond chicken.

And this morning we woke up to snow.

If you could really call it that, I guess.  It was a very light dusting.  But the kids could not have been more excited.

first snow-38 first snow-41 first snow-43

first snow-46

See that white in the background?  The top 1/2 of the hill was covered.  That’s exciting.

first snow-50

So, naturally, the hats were worn.  first snow-52




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