Festival of Never Ending Work. I mean, Trees.

Just kidding, that was dramatic.  The work ends.  I mean, eventually, you don’t have any more work to do on this tree that has taken months and weeks and basically forever to put together.

But you know what they say…


Right?  You’ve heard that before, I’m sure.

It’s rare that I admit to being totally and completely wrong.  Like, super rare.  So rare that it bleeds (gross).  But that’s only because I’m right pretty much 99.99998% of the time.

You guys, today was not a day for me to be right.  For over a month, I’ve looked over the (very profesh) timeline that Hailey has emailed to us tree designers (how serious does that sound?) and laughed.

“ha ha ha.  Those silly designers.  Thinking they need 14 hours at the Fair Building to set up their tree.  They are just crazy.  Probably lazy, too.  I’m doing this tree by myself and I’m going to have that shit busted out in 3 hours, tops!”  (I curse in my head.  It’s so unattractive, I know, but it’s my head and I can do what I want).

Last night was our first 2 hours.  You guys, my tree broke.  The top of my tree.  It broke.  Unfixable.

Enter important person #1) Danny.

He took ALLLLLLLLLL the kids, loaded them up in the car, took them to my parent’s (they’ll enter in a minute) and went to Costco to get me another tree.  Then delivered it to me.  Then helped set it up.

I set up as much as I could and got out of there, still feeling pretty dang cocky.

Fast forward to today.  The doors opened for us at 8:00am.  Man, I had barely woken up at 8.  I totally had, but the kids were just getting themselves out the door for school.  I took them to school, Alice and Olive and I got a coffee, got gas, went to our house for a second, then went to JoAnns to grab some floral wire.  We took our sweet time getting up to the Fair Building.

I mean…by this time I was still feeling confident.  I had 10 hours!!  10 freaking hours to set up a stupid tree and toys.  Time got away from me.  It takes a LOOOOTTTTT longer to decorate a tree (well) than one might think.  Wiring each ornament to the tree takes forever and 1/2.  Setting up a backdrop and stapling fabric to it and hanging lights and getting Yoda on straight and plugging everything in and setting up the floor and fixing the floor 1 million times and setting up the ‘extras’ and then rearranging said extras and doing that all at least 10 times…

….that takes 10 hours.

Enter important persons #2 and 3) my mom and dad.  My mom watched Olive for me all afternoon so I could have uninterrupted decorating time.  That also turned into store trips (x2), a ticket from the LPD (expired tabs), milk leaking allllll over my shirt (6 hours between nursing times is too long) and a lot of just staring at my space wondering how the hell to make it good.  Then they both came up to offer moral support but ended up staying longer and making bows and moving trees and then even ended up going out to try and find a white rug for me (very specific, but they succeeded).

My tree ended up looking pretty fantastic.

Enter important person #4) Tara.  Yeah, it’s totally the same Tara who just had twins a little over a month ago.  She came up to bring Hailey dinner (Hailey is an important person on a whole ‘nother list!  She runs the hospital basically).  But ya know what?  She stayed probably an hour and 1/2 longer because she saved my tree.  She came up with the idea to cross the light sabers in the front of it and completely redid my ribbon going through the tree.  Thank God.

So yeah.  We had until 8 to finish our tree.

I was driving away at 8:02.

I was wrong today.  So much wrong going on.

But my tree?  It’s bomb.


I learned that this Kurt Adler person makes so many Christmas decorations.  Who is he?!fot-5

Sadie.  She came up on her lunch hour (it’s not even close to on the way to anything) and hung out with me and Hailey.  She helped hang the backdrop and she helped hang ornaments.  Sadie is awesome.


Nintendo 3Ds!!!fot-16 fot-17 fot-18

Yoda is awesome.


I think I’m the most clever person in all the land.


Wine will always get ’em.fot-21 fot-23

Best beanies ever.fot-26 fot-27 fot-28 fot-29 fot-30 fot-31 fot-32

Every day for a solid month, Jamie has been saying, “I sure hope you buy that tree at your auction.”

Negative, pal.  I just got all that out of my computer room, there’s no way I’m hauling it back to my house so it can just get randomly put in different rooms.

I need positive vibes from all of my friends.   That’s you.  #1, I wanna win a tree designer prize.  Award.  Whatever.  That’s selfish but it’s so true. #2, please cross your fingers that there are at least 2 grandpas at the auction who are just as big of suckers as my dad and just have to have a Star Wars tree for their little champ (that’s probably what they call their grandson).  They will bid against each other.  Maybe up to $20,000, but that’s only if you cross your fingers.  Do it.

Happy Thanksgiving Week!  Gobble Gobble.

(ps, send Hailey good vibes.  this week is hellish as far as stress and work and people probably asking 1 million questions and needing 2 million things from her all at the same time.  she rocks it.)


1 thought on “Festival of Never Ending Work. I mean, Trees.

  1. rudolph2009

    I can’t IMAGINE all of the work you put into this thing! To be doing it alone would be insane! I totally want to do one some year. We will be there Saturday and I’ll tell Danny and Liz that Brady REEEALLY needs one. Or possibly Papa Dan…we will see who caves first;) It looks great!


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