That’s the sound of the week going by without me knowing it.  7 days between posts?


But I’m here now and that’s all the matters.

So now let’s talk about how awesome I am instead of how lame I am, shall we?  We’ll start with my strategy for Christmas gifts and how the kids choose for their teachers and friends.

I’m lazy, you guys.  If I were really thoughtful, the kids and I would sit down with catalogs or with the ‘ol inter web in front of us and think long and hard about what their teachers’ interests are.  Oh, Ms. Megan likes old books?  Let’s search Etsy for a one-of-a-kind wreath made out of old book pages!  Mr. Matt plays guitar?  Oooh, check out this pick maker thingy.  Fun.  But you guys….that would not only require the time to sit down and go over all our catalogs, but also the time to try and get the kids to focus.  Multiply that by 3 kids and 3 teachers each.  That’s a lot of freaking time.  Like, probably 2 episodes of Walking Dead and/or Homeland and I’m just not willing to give that up.

So what does this mom do?  I pack up all my kids.  We head to the local craft fair.  I pretend I don’t hear Charlotte screaming at me and I put Maria in charge of Olive’s stroller and they each get “x” amount of dollars (oooooh I wish that was Euros and we lived in France…..) and they find gifts on their own.  Completely on their own.

You guys would DIE if you saw the treasures they picked out.  Ms. Ellen…I hope you like pink sparkles…..and Mr. Matt, how do you feel about handcrafted dishes?….

But on a serious note, I have never seen sweeter children.  They were so excited to pick things out.  They knew they only had $20 to spend, so they used it very thoughtfully and carefully.  We were there forever.  I got pretty sweaty around the time Charlotte decided she was gonna kick off her shoes and bust out of her stroller.  But probably not as sweaty as the women with the table full of ceramic reindeer and elves.  When Charlotte ran full speed to check them out, the look on their faces was priceless.

But I want to know what you all get for the extra people in your life.  The ones who you love but aren’t part of your family.  The ones you don’t see on Christmas but you want to get them something because they mean a lot to your family.  What do you get them?  I normally wouldn’t mind the gift card route, but I have really high expectations for myself in the gift-giving department.  It’s a game I play only with myself and I try to find the best gift ever for….everyone.  It’s exhausting but I win every time.

Okay, so here was our morning before our gift seeking excursion:

We need to talk about this tent from Be Little You and Me.  The owner was so incredibly generous and donated the cover to go along with my tree for the Festival of Trees auction next weekend.  (local peeps, come and check out my bomb tree!)  Until we move it tomorrow evening, it’s in our living room:


Alice has loved it and now I know what Santa is bringing her.



Do you guys know what’s easy to make for breakfast?  Tiny little pancakes.



Obviously not from scratch.  I’m talking the “just add water” mix.  and if you put all these tiny pancakes in a special paper envelope like these, those little suckers (yeah, my kids) will think they are really special and might even do a little dance and squeal.


Or the really smart ones will complain about no syrup and cry until they get lucky charms.  And you’ll be so tired because Daddy went on a snow-shoing adventure that you will cave after the 5th “I NOT WANT CANCAKES!!!!” and pour her a bowl of Lucky Charms and watch as she finagles her way into the baby high chair.


And you might not even say anything when the big girls are eating them on the furniture over the brand new carpet.


See?  Mom of the year.

Happy Sunday!




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