Party Season. Party #1

I’m not sure if you guys have a party season in your life.  You know…a time of year when it feels like you are throwing a party every other weekend?

The Prasil Party Season (it’s official…in caps and everything) starts in November and ends in February.

Our first party of the season was a baby shower for Cenone.  She is pregnant with her first baby and wanted to celebrate with family and friends.  I love a good party, so I said,  “Yup, let’s do it.”

My “theme” was ABCs, so I had cards ready for them from A-Z and as they walked in to the party, guests took a letter card and drew a picture that went with the letter.

On the opposite side was a little thing to fill out so that when Cenone goes through the book with the baby, she’ll know who did what letter and who they are all about.  Their name, how they know Cenone, their prediction for birth date/weight, 3 things they want baby to know….that kind of thing.

shower-2 shower-3

What is one of the most important elements of a party?  If you said food you are right.  Food.  Because everyone eats.  I mean, most people eat.  And everyone likes good food and good variety.

I went with a little yogurt/granola/fruit set up…


…donut muffins…shower-9



…Angie brought an egg dish…


…sausage and egg cups…


…baked french toast from Simple Eats…


…and drinks.

Drinks are important, too.  And, I mean, I know this was a baby shower.  And pregnant girls usually refrain from alcohol (they should, at least), but that doesn’t mean we all have to, right?  Right.  Mimosas.


Oh, and coffee and sugar for anyone who wanted it.


I’m also a barista because Nanny (who is hysterical) said, “No, I don’t want a plate of food, but I’ll have a mocha.”  I whipped up a little something.

On the invite (from Olive and Star) I made a note encouraging guests to bring an ABC book and they would be entered to win a little prize.


I used my kids’ toys as decor.




There were presents everywhere.  Even people who weren’t able to make it sent a gift.  That, my friends, is generous.

shower-26 shower-31 shower-38

Fun baby shower game that people can either play if they want or don’t play if they don’t want:

have guests write down every item they think the guest of honor will receive.  If they think they will open 10 onesies throughout, they write down each onesie individually.  As gifts are opened, items get checked off their list.  The person with the most guesses correct wins.  A prize.  Maybe a Starbucks card. Or maybe a naughty 2 year old who refused to get dressed and went commando in a tutu.


Next party?  MAD MEN.  On Friday night.

I think theme parties might be my new favorite hobby….



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