Ten Months

Don’t mind the blurriness of the photos.  Just look at the cuteness of them.


Miss Olive Jane is 10 months old and I don’t think she could get any cuter.  For realsies.  She’s adorable.

-she smiles allllllll the time.

-she army crawls like a pro

-she tries to pull herself up (she’s not there yet, but she wants to be!)

-she claps

-she says, “mama”

-she can clap her hand against her mouth and make noises

-she gives kisses.

She is the sweetest baby on Earth.  She is content and mellow and happy to just be.  She’s beautiful and fair skinned and strawberry blonde headed.  She’s quiet and smiley and easily entertained.  She sucks her hands when she is hungry or sleepy.

She still wakes up a few times a night to snack.  She mainly nurses but eats a little bit of solids here and there in her high chair.

She think Alice is hilarious and gets nervous when Charlotte gets involved.

She falls asleep on the floor at the drop of a hat and takes naps like a champ.

We are still as in love with this beautiful thing as the day we first met her.


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