Christmas Ideas for EVVVVVERYONE

*this post is sponsored by the incredible umbassador, Ruthie Prasil.  Just kidding.  That’s me.  And I’m not actually, technically sponsoring myself.  I mean…I guess I am?  Because if you purchase any of these things I’ll benefit from it.  But let’s just get to the main post, shall we?*

You already know that I’m what Umba calls an “umbassador.”  That is, I’m an ambassador for their company.  I host trunk shows showcasing hundreds of products from various artists.  Artists who love their craft and need a platform from which to showcase it.  Enter Umba.  Below you will find a Christmas list to suit everyone in your life.

Your mom:

WRE001and2R This earring and necklace set is beautiful.  It can be worn with a lot of things and has just enough of a classic look while still being super fashion — so your mom doesn’t feel like she’s trying to be young and hip, she just naturally looks it.

Your nephew or younger cousin:ALC001

This is made out of recycled bicycle tubes.  How cool is that?  It’s the perfect price point and if you are used to spending just a tad more, go ahead and add an iTunes giftcard to one of the pockets.  You’re the best aunt ever.

Your brother in law:


This men’s toiletry bag is the perfect size.  It’s just big enough to hold all the essentials without being huge and bulky.  It’s masculine looking while still being attractive.  Fill it with swanky accessories (like shaving kits, lip balm, that kind of thing) and you’re golden.

Your newly married friend:


I’m in love with these pillows.  Super cute but also sophisticated enough to have out on your couches.  Like..where everyone will see it.

For your super fashion, single friend:ALE003

Ooh La La.  You know exactly who needs this.  Buy it now.

For your friend’s toddler:ART002

Be the favorite.  Get a pair of gold moccs and you’ve won.

For your college friend, a friend in the hospital, a soon-to-be-new-mommy or anyone else who might need to keep their feet warm and safe.  (safe?  you know what i mean):


How cute are these?  They are the perfect house slippers.  Cozy and cute.

For each of your friends:

FLO001L I am slightly obsessed with every color of this clutch.  I use my metallic gold one every day and feel #superfash each time.

For your uncle or brother in law:


Forage makes the most beautiful ties and bow ties.  They are well worth the money (which isn’t outrageous, let me make that clear) and so classic.

For your child’s piano, dance, or art teacher:HAV001S HAV002S HAV003R HAV004

Okay, I will admit that I have an ‘issue’ with cleaning things.  I happen to love them.  I obsess over cleaning sprays and only use “good” ones on special occasions.  Dear God I’m lame.  But that person in your family’s life who is forever cleaning up after tiny hands might be the same way.  Or maybe they don’t ever splurge on ‘fun’ cleaning brands because they know it’ll just get used up in a week.  Go ahead and treat them with Haven sprays and soaps.  They’re the best.

For your child’s teacher or teacher’s aid:


A small and sweet gift to help pamper the ones who are with your babies all day long.

Your neighbor who you love:


These are the cutest little hanging planters.  Plant a little succulent in there and hang it on their doorknob with a sweet little note.

Your sister:


A set of Paddywax candles.  You guys, these are amazing.

Your parents or grandparents:


Because they’ll eat this up.  A cutting board with their names and anniversary date!

Your husband:RUS001 RUS002-alt

Leather iPad case and satchel.  These are rad.

Your little brother:RUS004

Leather key clip.  Because it’s practical but cool.

Your dad, uncle or father-in-law:

A cool calendar set/coaster set to keep on his desk at work to impress all his clients. “Oh my gosh, I had no idea you were so artsy. Yes, I think I’ll invest all my money with you. Or buy all your products.  Or buy a house from you.  Whatever the hell it is you do, SIGN ME UP!!”  That’s what they’ll say.

Your college-age babysitter:SUG002F

DIY stamped tea towel kit.  DIY is totally in right now and you’d definitely be the cool family to work for.  And please.  Let’s be honest with everyone here on this bloggy blog.  You parents totally want to be cool with the college kids.  In my mind, I’m still in college. Actually, I’m still in high school.  Oh lord, save me.

Your favorite barista:THA002C

Do you know how much it sucks to take orders from people every day and then have people complain to you non stop then not tip?  It’d suck a lot.  A sweet necklace like this would let them know that they’re doing a great job and you appreciate them.  Because baristas need love, too.

Your church pastor, small group leader, bible study person, anyone who loves a good and inspirational quote, etc:

The reason is obvious.

Your 4 year old niece or nephew:TWI002

Let them play photographer and then let their parents brag about how awesome you are when they get mad props for the cute camera toy.

Your teenage babysitters:VIN001C VIN001J VIN001M VIN001N Headbands, like DIY, are totally in.  Teenage girls love accessories.  I think?  I don’t know, but anyone would like this.

Any mom friend:WOL003

Cute and functional art?  I love it.  I want a pair so bad so I think I might just gift myself a pair.

Your mom.  Your mother in law.  Your sister.  Your grandma:


Alright, friends.  This is it.  This ‘towel’ is more than a towel.  It’s perfect for picnics.  It’s a perfect blanket.  It’s cute draped over a couch.  DRAPED, you guys.

There you have it.  Get it all at:

Do your Christmas shopping now.  Get it out of the way.  In December, you’ll be so happy!

Oh, and if you want to host an Umba trunk show this month, you get this:



FOR FREE.  And if you try and tell me you don’t like free stuff….well then you’re straight up cray cray.


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