Must Haves (alternate title: perfect Christmas gifts for anyone)

Perhaps not everyone.

I don’t think your husband would appreciate a set of lipglosses for Christmas and if you tried to give your 58 year old aunt a monthly shipment of diapers, you’d get really mean scowls at the Christmas dinner table.

Here’s a list (and pictures, because pictures are better than words) of things you might want to put on your list for Christmas — either for giving or getting.  Don’t pretend like you don’t make Christmas lists and then accidentally leave them on the bathroom counter for your husband to see.

The Honest Company diapers.  These babies ship right to your door.  There are cute patterns (or you can go with white which is what I’ve been ordering lately).  You can delay shipment to suit your needs so you don’t have a ridiculous backup of 10 packages of size 2 diapers stacked up in your computer room bathroom.

Monthly ‘bundles’ start at a little over $75 for lots of diapers and lots of wipes. You can add to your bundle if you need more and there is also an “Essentials” bundle you can create which includes home, bath, and body products.


Frankincense essential oil.  Okay, so basically, I’m a sucker and if someone tells me that something has (pretty much) magic powers and I know for a fact it won’t hurt me, I’ll go ahead and try it.  Add to it that it takes me back to the ridiculously long Easter Masses and I’m sold.  Magic powers and nostalgia?  Sign me up.

frankincense oil

Frye boots.  These are my go-to.  I have yet to try on and find a pair that I like as well.  I don’t mind wearing them with jeans or with a dress.  I will wear them in the Spring and in the Fall.  Winter, too, actually.  They’re pretty classic and wear incredibly well.


Eeeeek.  I just squealed.  Like…in real life.  Because I want to quit writing this blog post and run grab my Giraffe blanket and cozy up in front of my TV and watch Orange is the New Black.  It’s my absolute favorite. Both the show, currently, and the blanket.


For those of you with babies:  Peek Kids Happy Pants. The easiest pants for diaper changes.  The most comfortable (I can imagine because they don’t make mama-size Peek happy pants).  So cute.

happy pants

Ivory Kate wire headband.  I would like to say that I discovered this amazing product on my own, but that’d be a huge lie.  My friend Tara got me one of these and it’s the best.  If you suffer from “headband headache” syndrome like I do, and get a headache every time you wear a headband that then makes you think you have a brain tumor (oops, did I just admit that out loud?  Wait…did I just type out that I admitted that when I could have just deleted it?…) you need one of these. They’re made with a wire so you make it as tight or as loose as you need it to be. I’ve also heard they are great for people with itty bitty heads.  Hmm.


My friend Leisha gave me a Paddywax candle as a gift and I’m pretty much in love. paddywax

Ah…..Haven cleaning spray.  It’s like a cleaner and an air freshener in one.  It smells so fresh and so clean and I can’t stop wiping down my countertops!!  And it’s only $15 for a huge bottle which is a steal and 1/2. spray

The Lumineers.  Because they are the best.

the lumineers

Who doesn’t want a pillow that says “Ooh La La?!”

Bringing up Bebe is a riot.  Pamela Druckerman is hilarious and after reading this book I found myself pretending to be French and making a much better effort when it came to my kids — feeding, bedtime, you name it.  I mean, yeah, that slowly died down but that’s only because I get on ridiculous kicks that eventually fade.  Maybe whoever you gift this to will remain that awesome, 100% effort type of parent.

bringing up bebe

I’ve been adding this to my ‘favorites’ list for years.  Stila makes the best lipgloss in so many different shades.  They are the perfect shine, the perfect pigment, and the perfect size to keep on hand at all times.  I’m not a huge makeup wearer.  I stick to the basics (and my basics don’t even include mascara if that says anything).  But I always keep one of these on hand no matter what.  It makes me feel more put together.  My favorites are the purple-ish tint (do fashion peeps call that plum?) and nudes.



4 thoughts on “Must Haves (alternate title: perfect Christmas gifts for anyone)

  1. eprofitt

    A backup of 10 size 2 packages of diapers? Who does that? (I might have found them when looking for Jamie after I sent him to brush his teeth and found him in the basement watching Legos… You better believe I shut that down).


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