A Night Out

Last night, Danny and I got approximately 8 hours away from the kids.  
8 hours, you guys.
I can’t remember the last time we went out for that long without having to change diapers, feed children, cut up food, threaten privileges or having to say, “I don’t want to hear tattling.”  
We went to the Boys and Girls Club auction fundraiser. It was awesome. 
Here, let me let you in on a little secret:  The Prasils don’t mind a night every once in a while away from the kids.  We don’t feel guilty because we don’t do it too often. When we know they are safe and happy at home (a million thanks to Ellen and Joel…yes, the same Ellen and Joel who have a newborn!….for gifting us a night of babysitting!), we take advantage of that.  We have some drinks.  Maybe we get a little tipsy.  (big deal).  We laugh so much.  We hang out with friends.  
While I don’t think it’s okay for moms and dads to ditch out on their family every weekend and get drunk more often than not, I do think it’s okay to let loose sometimes.  
Before the auction, I stopped in to Tara’s house because this girl (ruthie) only really knows how to apply Halloween makeup.  I’m talking….zombie makeup.  But Tara is #superfash and knows what’s up.
Oh, and it was also a really sneaky (like a fox) way to hold a baby.  Ah, I love Stella.  I love Cleo, too, actually.  Put them together with Olive and our boulevard is home to the 3 sweetest and most perfect babies in the universe.  
Photo Nov 02, 4 27 20 PM
She did my makeup like a boss (Tara did, not Stella) and I rushed back home to curl my hair and put my dress on.
Yeah, it’s totally the same dress I wore last year.
When I was 7 months pregnant.
But hey, Hatch says right on their website that their clothes are meant to be worn before, during and after pregnancy.  So lay off.
We went to pick up Sadie and Justin and enjoyed a cocktail before heading up.
Photo Nov 02, 5 35 12 PM Photo Nov 02, 5 36 54 PM Sadie is hilarious.  You might look at these next pictures and say, “Woah, she started out WASTED.”  Nope, I didn’t, pinky promise. Sadie just makes me laugh that hard all the time.  She’s awesome!  She’s a girl who is super sweet and genuine but who also likes to have fun and laugh and joke and there’s something really easy about being with someone who can make fun of herself, make fun of me, and joke around without being malicious and mean.  She’s a rad cat.
Photo Nov 02, 5 53 53 PMPhoto Nov 02, 5 53 45 PMDanny wore an awesome outfit.  He rocked leather suspenders and a bowtie.  A freaking bowtie!  My friend Alicia let me borrow this bomb headband.  We totally felt 20s.
Photo Nov 02, 8 47 23 PM Oh, and I rocked a DiscoGem, too.  Thanks, Molly!
Photo Nov 02, 6 06 17 PM Look at Sadie’s hair.  She’s stupid.
Photo Nov 02, 8 55 26 PM Dan ran into his friend.  We actually ran into him many times and I couldnt’ stop looking at his CREEPY STACHE and velvet blazer!!  I was dying every time he walked by.  
Photo Nov 02, 9 49 16 PMI ran into these girls, too.  Unfortunately, Jump, Jive and Wail was playing so loudly that I couldn’t hear one word they said except, “Rent the Runway” which I’m going to check out asap. 
Photo Nov 02, 11 00 11 PM Is this a bathroom picture?  Yep, it totally is.  Sadie had a run about a mile long down her tights and finally said, “F it, I’m taking them off.” So she did.  Because Sadie can rock a look like that.  
Photo Nov 02, 11 09 50 PM
See?  It was a super fun night.  We saw Jen, Doug, Joanna, Angie, Alicia, Tobe, Jackie, Matt, Chivonne, Jared, Jamie, Matt, the anesthesiologist who put Charlotte to sleep for her nickel surgery, Terra, Anna, Jim, Trevor, Kelly, Joe, and lots more peeps who I was really happy to see.  
Thanks again, Ellen, for being awesome.  My laugh when I’m 100% sober is obnoxious, so imagine it when I have a couple drinks in me.  Outrageous and horrible.  So thanks to all of you who didn’t point and laugh.  Because I totally would have.  Maybe not.  But I would have thought in my head, “oh, wow…” . Thanks Sadie and Justin for hanging out with the Prasils and enduring a night of kid-free parents because it can get a little crazy.  
Guess what?  I woke up headache-free. Boom.
Next year, I’m dragging my other friends, too.  Hailey, Haley, Tara (who usually goes but has newborn twins.  remember Stella?  Cleo?), Cenone and Megan…get your party pants ready.
Happy Sunday.

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