A Gaggle of Woodland Creatures….and A Knight

What might you call a group of woodland creatures?

A herd? A pack? A school?  A gaggle?  I have no clue.  I’m going with gaggle.

We had a gaggle of woodland creatures today for Halloween and they were the cutest costumes ever (toot toot).

The mask and tail sets are from the Hunting Faeries shop on Etsy.  But the only way I could talk the gaggle into being woodland creatures (I mean, they are so BROWN and BORING!) was to tell them they’d be royal woodland creatures with tutus and leotards.  Those suckers took the bait.  I went on Amazon and got the tutus (they were only, like, $3 each!), leotards and tights.  If you can’t tell, I’m so pleased with myself.

halloween2013-2 halloween2013-4 halloween2013-5 halloween2013-6 halloween2013-7 halloween2013-10 halloween2013-20

And then we have Knight Jamie.

Because being the only boy in a sea of girls has to come with some perks.  One of them is choosing a Halloween costume 100% on your own.  And adding your own accessories like pink goatees.


We headed out to Pepsi Land right after school to visit Grandma and Grandpa.

halloween2013-26 halloween2013-30 halloween2013-31 halloween2013-35

I love this picture.  Both of them lining the kids up for snapshots.


And here we have the future of Pepsi.


When I said something about him taking over Pepsi, he acted surprised and said, “No!  I’m going to be a scientist!”  Which is fine by me because I think Maria might be better for the position of Queen Pepsi.  I can see her running the show.

Miss Olive I don’t think could have been happier:


Then we headed to Dawn’s house.  Dawn deserves a post of her own, and she is getting it here in the near future.  I could go on and on about Dawn, but for now I’ll just say that she’s the best and leave it at that.



After Dawn’s, we went to Lala and Papa’s house where we were greeted with a spooky Halloween village.  My kids eat stuff like this up.  They love it.


And, oh, surprise, they also got individual goodie bags (if you’re keeping track, they are 3 for 3 at this point).



We stayed for just a bit so the fox could fill her tummy with warm chocolate.


halloween2013-41-1 halloween2013-44-1

Then off we went to deliver a goodie bag to our other little friend Jaxon.  Charlotte and B went trick or treating together.  We went to Hailey’s house and Sadie’s house, both of whom requested to see the little ghouls, and then to our neighborhood where we walked and walked.  Obviously the best stop was Shelleys where they got another special goodie bag.  I swear, these kids are spoiled.


I have a love/hate relationship with Halloween.

The good: 1) I have really fun memories of Halloween growing up with my family and in highschool celebrating Clay’s birthday.  2) who doesn’t love candy? 3) my kids LOVE Halloween 4) our Halloween party is a blast.

The bad: 1) there are some really inappropriate costumes that I have to try and shield my children’s eyes from.  2) high school girls like to dress like sluts and that makes me uncomfortable 3) it’s usually cold 4) tweens who decide they are really grown up and get a little too cool for school.  Tonight I totally shut it down on a group of 12 year olds who were dressed like….a serial killer?  I’m not sure.  It was a horrible mask and a bloody knife.  Anyway, he was with about 8 other kids.  They were running and hollering and being obnoxious.  Well he decided to sneak up on my kids and scare the shit out of them.  Maria ended up bawling, Alice was shaking.  Jamie laughed, but he doesn’t count. Anyway, one thing you don’t do is piss off Ruthie because Ruthie just can’t let stuff go.  Ruthie will tell you what’s up and will shut you down.  I spoke to them like they were naughty little kids and even threw in a “Do you understand me?  NOT AGAIN.”  I yelled.  Like…really loud.  I told them they weren’t hot stuff and that it’s not cool to make an 8 year old cry.

They thought I was going to call the cops on them.  Nope, I wouldn’t have called the cops, but the next step would have been Billy and I think we all know where that could have gone.

Happy Halloween to all you gaggles of ghouls.

^^^ (that’s me being clever)







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