Pumpkin Patch

Reason number 5,634 that Papa and Lala are the best:

They plant a whole mess of pumpkins for the kids.

Reason number 5,635 that Papa and Lala are the best:

They invite the entire elementary class over to pick pumpkins!


The kids arrived around 12:00 noon and ate their lunch on the back lawn.

pumpkinpatch-5 pumpkinpatch-11

Some moms are very busy and only have time to call in an order for Paraiso Vallarta take away for their children’s lunches.

pumpkinpatch-13 pumpkinpatch-19

And apparently some wake up just 5 minutes earlier so they can make their children lunch to take to school.  You know what I say to that?  Psh.


The kids had the best time with their friends.  I can say, very proudly, that everyone in their class is a friend to everyone else.  I have not once heard Maria complain or cry or talk about how some girls are mean to others.  How on the playground there was a lot of drama and so-and-so is made at someone and alliances were made.  Nope, none of that this year and I’m so thankful.


(Maria and her very best pal, Anna)

Mr. Matt does does an amazing job with them (so does Miss Ellen, but she’s on maternity leave!) and the kids respect him and think he’s pretty cool.

pumpkinpatch-29 pumpkinpatch-30 pumpkinpatch-35

(Ladies, hands off.  He’s taken.)


(the very best friends in the whole world)

So not only did my dad and mom invite 12 kids over to pick pumpkins, my dad also put together a little presentation about how pumpkins grow, what they look like at each stage, etc.  It was so great!



pumpkinpatch-68 pumpkinpatch-73

He broke a pumpkin open and the kids felt how squishy and gross it was.


And after running and playing and inspecting and feeling and picking, it was time to go back to school.


This is one of the MANY reasons why I love Children’s House Montessori School.  Taking a little fieldtrip to a pumpkin patch is no biggie.  Running around crazy is encouraged.  Getting your hand sticky and gross and messy is okay.

Everyday I think about how lucky I am to have my kids here.


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