Today, my incredibly sweet friend Lindsay’s daughter Molly (who is equally as sweet) is having heart surgery.  She’s young.  Like…6 years young.  I remember when Charlotte had surgery to remove the nickel she swallowed and Lindsay texted me and asked how everyone was, etc.  I was caught up in our tiny little tragedy of a swallowed nickel and was quickly brought back down to Earth when I remembered that Lindsay’s baby girl was having HEART surgery soon.  The nickel fiasco took 3 hours from start to finish (bringing her into the ER until she was fast asleep in her bed).  I think Molly will be in actual surgery longer than that with recovery for a week.  Then home resting for I’m sure longer.

It was a really good reminder to myself.  I try really hard to be thankful and grateful and to recognize and realize how incredibly lucky my family is.  I slip up sometimes.  I complain when I’m pregnant and I cry over a little washable paint spilled on my dining room table.  I get cranky when Dan makes something I don’t like for dinner (I can’t believe I just admitted that) and I throw myself a pity party every morning when I get dressed because my tummy is far less than toned.

But life is good.  I can be happy far more often than I should be cranky.

The fact that I get to spend every day with my kittens is a blessing.  They are happy and they are healthy and so are we.  We have 10 million things to smile about and even though I smile and laugh as often as I can, it’s always good to remind myself that I can always smile just a little bit more.

And so can you.

Yeah, I’m totally talking to you.  The girl in front of me at Starbucks who complained about the temperature of her coffee.  Wait 5 minutes to take your first drink and then smile at how delicious it is.  Unless you got a caramel macchiato in which case, you’re disgusting.

The pregnant girl who does nothing but complain.  For your 1 pregnancy, there are 1,000 other moms who would kill to be pregnant.  Smile because you are growing a freaking human inside your body.  It’s okay to complain now and then.  I think every mom would agree with that!  But when you complain far more often than you are happy …. there are better things you could be doing.  Happier things.

The incredibly rude couple next to me at the restaurant.  You’re eating steak and shrimp and drinking expensive wine.  Quit complaining to the server about how you asked for extra napkins, another drink and you spotted a sliver of a red onion on your plate when you asked for none.  She’ll get to you.  You’re rude.  Freaking smile and be happy that you are out to dinner while there are lots of people who can hardly put a meal on their own table at home.

Don’t say horrible and cruel things about other people to make yourself feel elite.  You’re a far better person than that.

No one is impressed by what you have.  What’s more impressive is what you give.

“Do well by doing good.”

Smile a little bit more often.  No one likes a scowl.  It doesn’t look good on you.

Spend a little on a friend instead of yourself.

Take your kids to get an ice cream and just sit and listen to them talk.

Apologize instead of giving excuses.

Say thank you.

A “How has your day been?” can make the difference between someone’s day being lonely and someone’s day being wonderful.

These are all reminders to no one in particular and everyone I know.  A reminder for myself.  Because when I put it in writing, I have to follow my own advice, right?

I get caught up in my anxiety and ocd.  I worry and obsess over a million things at once and my mind looks like this:


And sometimes it’s really hard.  It’s really, really hard.  I feel like there are a million things I can’t control and I get overwhelmed.  And I need to remember to smile.  To breathe and to fill my mind with this instead:

Thank you, Michelle Wolf Photography for the most gorgeous pictures!

Thank you, Michelle Wolf Photography for the most gorgeous pictures!

They are beautiful.

And today, here’s a big giant heart for sweet Miss Molly.


And also for Lindsay who has made my day happier so many times and is always kind and positive and is truly great inspiration for being a great mama:  I am sending you a thousand smiles and laughs and I hope you can feel them way over there in Chicago.  xoxo


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