What’s in my Clutch?


Just kidding, my world isn’t fancy.  But who doesn’t love a sneak peek at someone’s bag or purse or backpack or clutch?  (how much fancier is the word “clutch” than “purse?”  10 times fancier, you guys.)  It seems so secret and illegal.  It’s like when you are behind someone in the checkout lane and they are putting their pin in the credit card machine and you make an effort to avert your eyes even though if you saw the numbers, it wouldn’t matter because you’d do nothing with that info.  Here’s my pin.  (i mean, clutch)


(1) Freshly Picked Moccasins.  In the world of baby fashion, moccasins are really in right now.  Babies are just eating them up, wearing them on the runway, to the store, sometimes even while napping.  They’re big.  Olive absolutely HAD to have a pair, so I bought her one.  Or 2.  Possibly 3.  What my baby wants, my baby gets.

(2) Lemons and Lace headband.  Ikat print.  Oh, you didn’t know that ikat is also pretty fash right now? (sidenote, my Mac just tried to correct the word “fash” and change it to “cash.”  Whatever, Mac.)  Ikat is fashion and so are headbands.

(3) Pediatric appointment card.  Which reminds me that there is a good chance we completely missed the kids’ dental appointment which will make me really mad if that’s true.

(4) iPhone.  No explanation necessary.


(5) Change.  Some of it is Canadian because we are international travelers.

(6) Gold nail polish.

(7) Business card for the children’s book buyer at Book People in Moscow.  Because she is dope.

(8) Various cards.  Costco.  Alaska Airlines credit card (see #5).  Starbucks gift card.  Balance:  $0.00.

(9) Checkbook.  Because this girl never carries cash.  It’d be gone in .02 seconds.

(10) My spare car key and the key to the yoga studio.  The yoga studio I haven’t visited in far too long.  (see #5.  #5 is my excuse for everything in my life now)

(11) Bracelet from Umba.  Pick yourself up one.

(12) One of many receipts.

What’s in your clutch?


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