Selfie Sunday – 10 obsessions

Oh, hey. It’s been a super hectic week (isn’t every week?!) but now it’s 6:00pm on a Sunday and I’m just now sitting down to blog. Which is stupid because I don’t even really have any pictures to use. And we’d all be lying if we said picture-less blog posts were fun and interesting. They aren’t. They are boring and stupid and I probably lose at least 1 follower every time I only use my words.

I wish I had taken pictures of Maria riding the barrels on Tuesday. She is a cowgirl. She led 8ball around the barrels like she was a pro and she’s starting to lope and it’s all so exciting that she comes home ready to burst.

I also wish I would have taken pictures of the wine sorbet I made (delish), the cran/pinapple/soda/vodka drink I owned last night at dinner with my parents (also delish), or the Arby’s that Danny got me on Friday night to eat at approximately 11:00pm because he’s a badass. Mozzarella sticks are definitely on my top ten fast food favorites. So good. Especially at 11:00pm.

But alas, I took no pictures. So today it’s a Selfie Sunday post.


10. Gatsby. I watched the new Gatsby movie a couple weeks ago and now I’m obsessed. I want to be stick thin and able to rock a 20’s drop waist dress like Daisy.

9. Theme Parties. I have a couple planned for this Fall/Winter and I’m so obsessed with making them perfect and awesome. Here’s a peek:

blog glimpse


8.  Planning a super sweet vacation.  No, we have no plans to go on one any time soon, but I’m secretly planning a 10 day getaway to an amazing location and pretending that someday we’ll be able to just say “$&#*$ it, we’re going.”

7.  “Shutting it down.”  It’s what I say now and it makes no sense and it’s so ridiculous, but it’s my go-to and I’m rocking it.  I even designated an emoticon to use with my friends so I don’t have to type it all out.  Try it, you guys.  Use it when you’re totally over someone or something or a situation.  Shut it down.  When someone is saying something ridiculous and you don’t believe them and you just want them to quit talking?  You gotta shut it down.  You’re SHUTTING IT DOWN!  Bam.

6. Sunday nights.  Because Sunday nights = The Walking Dead and Homeland and Bob’s Burgers and Family Guy.  God is telling us that yes, the sabbath is for him, but that doesn’t mean he gets all the fun.

5.  The amazingly perfect babies next door.  And their names.  Because it doesn’t get any better than Stella and Cleo.  I can’t handle their cuteness.  It takes all I have to limit my visits.  And sometimes I cave.  I scour my house and find tiny things that don’t fit Olive anymore and text my friend and say, “Oh, hey, I have a couple things for the girls that I’m gonna swing by.”  So I walk over and act surprised when it’s suggested I hold them.  “Oh, it’s okay…they’re sleeping….oh, I mean, yeah, I guess they do have to eat at some point, right? haha…”

4. Getting Christmas done.  As in….gift purchasing.  5 kids doesn’t seem so bad until November when you remember that Lego sets cost a pretty penny and American Girl doesn’t come cheap.  This year, I’m wising up.  I’ve already gotten the majority of stockings taken care of and a few of their gifts.  It’s not even Halloween.  Pat, pat.  (I’m patting myself on my back).

3.  Learning another language.  Because it’s a possibility that this amazing vacation I want to go on someday (see #8) is in another land.  And no one wants to be the dummy who can’t communicate, right?

2.  The girls’ Halloween costumes.  Woodland creatures.  The most adorable woodland creatures you’ve ever seen in your entire life.  I threw Jamie a bone this year and let him choose his own.  I realize that being the only boy has to come with some privileges and choosing your Halloween costume 100% on your own is one of them.  (nope, I totally didn’t give my girls 100% choice in theirs.  I let them choose whatever mask/tail set they wanted, but I chose the theme.  Because I’m mean.)

1.  Documenting our days via Instagram.  Honestly, I know, you guys.  How many times do you really wanna see #chroniclesoftheperfectbaby or #alicemaureen or see pictures of Jamie reading or Maria on her horse or Charlotte and her bff?  Secret:  they’re all really for me.  And my mom and dad.  There is nothing better than the end of a season coming up and printing off hundreds of adorable square prints of your babies and then going through them and remembering what was happening that day, where you were, etc.  And someday, they’ll each get boxes and boxes of these perfect square prints and show them to their babies and they’ll love it.  They better.

There.  My Selfie Sunday.


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