International Travelers

Alternate title:  The Post with the Most Pictures of Mountains You’ll Ever See.  Ever.

Look at this guy:

Did you think he was the cover model for “Canadian Weekly?”  No, silly, that’s Danny.


This weekend our great friend Doug married the beautiful Kelly in the most gorgeous location I have ever seen.  That may or may not be true — if it’s not true, it’s very close to being true because the scenery was absolutely incredible.

We drove and it took a solid 9 hours or so.  We left on a Friday and after a pit stop in Pullman to see the perfect babies Cleo and Stella (because I’m that friend who can’t stay away) we drove as far as we could before deciding enough was enough.

We stopped in Fairmont.

Photo Oct 11, 7 55 11 PM

It was a little resort/hotel area with a hot spring and golf course and it looked like a perfect place to stay.  We ate at the hotel restaurant and ordered poutine (fries with gravy, duh) and decided that Canadians are the raddest ever when it comes to talking.  Because every time you end a sentence on the up, you sound 10x nicer.  That’s a fact, folks.

Oh, and because our waiter loved this little thing:

Photo Oct 11, 8 26 55 PM

(but seriously, everyone does)

We woke up and continued on and drove to Banff, the site of the wedding.



Photo Oct 12, 9 31 22 AM


(yeah, we’re totally stunning, but I was actually talking about Banff.)

We walked around a bit, checked out the shops, then stopped for lunch at the Bear Street Tavern.


Olive was perfect.

canada-58 canada-62

We had pizza (they gave us chili oil and honey to drizzle over the top.  Holy yum.)

The air was nothing short of frigid, so the tiny kitten needed a hat.



We wandered a bit and ended up at our weekend spot:  Buffalo Mountain Lodge.


Doug and Kelly knew what they were doing when they chose their wedding venue.  BML (I just shortened that, I don’t know if that’s even cool to call it that.  I’m guessing not.) is pretty great.  It’s up in the mountains and the view is phenomenal.  The air is clear and clean and the rooms are cozy and mountain-fancy.  I made that up, too. Mountain-fancy.

Photo Oct 12, 9 08 12 PM

(there are so many selfie pics in this post.  you’ve been warned.)

At 6, there was a little welcome reception for everyone attending the wedding.

A little about the groom: Doug.  I met Doug in junior high.  One of the nicest boys ever.  They lived up the street from me and in 8th grade, I’d find myself walking up to hang out with them quite often.  Both Doug and his younger (just by 1 year) brother Greg.  We hung out a lot and it was through Doug that I met a lot of my close friends — Clay, Joe, Brian, Alex…..they were all pretty good buddies in elementary so I snuck myself in to the group.  Doug and his family moved in high school and I remember crying and crying and crying.

Doug has always been so great to me.  He’s the kind of friend who you know you’ll have forever.  He calls every time he’s in town to come and visit and he asks about us often.  My Aunt Shari and Uncle Steve live in the Seattle area (where Doug moved) and every time I went to visit them, I made sure to see Doug and Greg and Terry and Dave a couple times, too.

Doug and Danny ended up at the same college after high school so when I went up to visit Danny, I was instantly comfortable because Doug was there, too, and made sure I met and knew all of his friends.  He treats his friends like family and that is one of my favorite qualities of Doug.

And when Doug told me he was getting married, I knew right away that his wife-to-be must be amazing.  Oh, and she is!  Kelly is beautiful and friendly and so much fun.  To be invited to their wedding was such an honor and I can’t think of anywhere I would have rather been this weekend than in Canada celebrating with the 2 of them!

Photo Oct 12, 6 27 33 PM Photo Oct 12, 5 00 19 PM

It was really fun to see Doug’s entire family and visit with Greg and hang out.  And it was really fun to order and eat the #%*# out of this creme brulee trio.  Holy cow.

Photo Oct 12, 9 36 56 PM

If there’s one dessert I love, it’s creme brulee.

The next morning we woke up and headed to the gondola to go to the top of mount….i have no idea.  I have no idea what mountain we rode to the top of.  But it was breath taking.

canada-69 canada-70 canada-74 canada-76 canada-78

canada-81 canada-83

Photo Oct 12, 4 09 33 PM

Olive is honestly, truly, not even kidding, the best baby in the entire universe to take anywhere including high mountains.  It was cold as all get out and she still had a smile on her face.

canada-90 canada-92 canada-94


On the way back to the hotel we obviously had to stop and skate.

We meaning Danny.  I don’t skate.  I tried last year and then I got pregnant and then…well…I forgot to try again.  This year, you guys.


We also went to the store to get beer and alcohol.  Because what’s a wedding weekend without beer and alcohol, right??!!  I kid.

But look.  We found out it was Thanksgiving weekend.


We also found out that you can’t buy beer in the grocery stores.  Only liquor stores.

Dan looked super classy carrying the beer 1/2 block to the car where is wife and baby child were waiting.  Story or our lives.

We also found out that 1/2 of Australia lives in Canada because almost every employee in every establishment was Australian.  G’day Mate. Just throw another shrimp on the barbie.  (We quoted Dumb and Dumber about 1,000 times this trip)

We also drove to Lake Louise.  Are you ready for these views?  Note:  the water is truly that blue.

canada-105 canada-106 canada-109 canada-111 canada-112

Photo Oct 13, 11 22 09 AM canada-114

We skedaddled back for the wedding.

We sat next to Cruz, the only other baby there.  He was beautiful!  So sweet and so good and so perfect for little Olive.  Olive….I approve of you getting married in Canada to Cruz and living somewhere as beautiful as Banff.

Photo Oct 13, 2 44 45 PM

The ceremony was perfect.  It was short but beautiful.  The readings were heartfelt and I could tell that Kelly or Doug or both of them had thought about them long and hard before choosing them.  I like that kind of thing.  It wasn’t the normal “Love is patient…”.  Which is fine.  I think maybe we even had that reading at our wedding.  But it’s also pretty predictable.

Have I just offended over 1/2 my readers?  I apologize.  Like I said, that was one of our readings, too, so I don’t think it’s horrible, obviously.

Anyway, the music was bomb, the ceremony was short and sweet, her gown was ridiculously perfect, and I’m super anxious to see all the pictures because the photographer took approximately 1,293,449.

Photo Oct 13, 2 58 59 PM

The champagne toast was fun and delicious.  Because champagne is delicious.

Photo Oct 13, 3 19 03 PM

One of Kelly’s friend’s dad is a badass and played this awesome horn for them.

Photo Oct 13, 5 05 09 PM

The reception was great — I chose the vegetarian option which was a spring roll with peanut sauce.  Yum.  The other food looked good, too, and the dessert table was bomb.  The dancing was fun (to watch, because lord knows I don’t dance) and the speeches were perfect.

Photo Oct 13, 5 11 57 PM

Overall, the weekend was a 10 out of 10.  Thanks to my parents and Kara who took turns watching the big kids so that we were able to do it.

VERY SELDOM do we go anywhere without children.  Aside from our 4 day trip to see Pat in November, we have never gone away alone.  Not even a honeymoon.  Yes, you read that right, Ruthie and Danny never took a honeymoon (do you feel bad for us?  Don’t.  We’ve done a ton of fun things).  To be able to take this trip to Canada with our very sweet and perfect baby, just the 3 of us, was a huge deal.  We know how lucky we are.  This morning, we headed home.


The views on the way home didn’t disappoint.

canada-118 canada-119 canada-120 canada-122 canada-141

(a skateboard pit stop.  big deal.)canada-142 canada-143 Photo Oct 11, 6 08 42 PM

Taco Time Cantina.  Seriously.

Photo Oct 14, 7 27 11 AM

And the second we walked in the door we were greeted by happy kids running in for hugs.  *sigh* I will never get tired of that.  We can be gone 2 hours or 2 days and they still run in for hugs and tell us they miss us.  I love them.

Congratulations Doug and Kelly!  Wishing you a hundred years of love xoxo









3 thoughts on “International Travelers

  1. Doug and Kelly

    Beautiful post, Ruth! Thanks so much for trekking up for the festivities, we were so happy you, Dan, and Olive were there (…and sorry my bride tried to poison Olive with a rose petal from her bouquet).

    Thanks again, see you all soon. Love to the family!

  2. Jamie Vogel

    Banff is where Scott and I went on our honeymoon. . . .and then this summer on our 5th anniversary, we went back and took Joseph! Best place ever and so, so beautiful like you said!

  3. Jacqueline Kaltenbaugh-King

    Hmmm…HELLO!! Super HOT mama picture of you amongst the other awesome photos! I bet your kids have never called you Michael Jackson! 😉


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