Welcome to Baby Land

The time has come.

Oh, yes, my friends.  The time has come.  It’s October.  1/2 of my friends who are (were, actually) pregnant are now mamas!  Woohoo!!

Yesterday, one of my favorite people in the world had her twins.  Are you ready for their names?

You say you are, but you aren’t.  You will be blown away by them because they are so freaking cute.


When I first heard their names, I almost couldn’t handle it.  Do they sound like they should be super fash designers?  Or maybe princesses in somewhere exotic like…France? (Do the French even have princesses?  I’m not 100% French, you guys.)  But they are even better than that.  They are Baby Stella and Baby Cleo.  The most perfect twins in all the land.  I’m smitten.

(I don’t have good pictures of them)

But then Ellen had Miss Evelyn yesterday, too!!

First, a little thing about Ellen.  She has a very special place in our family.  She was the only person I could leave Charlotte with or who Charlotte actually WANTED to go with when she was a baby.  She has stayed overnight with our children a few times.  I know that she genuinely loves them and for that I will always love her!  My kids absolutely adore her and now we have a new little one to adore, too.

Meet Miss Evelyn Graycie!  (eeeeekkk!!!)


Look at her tiny and perfect nose.

You guys, look at her lips!

Ah, her ears!!

Perfection.  Miss Evelyn is perfect.

Alice agrees.


I live in baby land.  The place where all my friends are having babies.  Next up?  Liz.  Liz is adding another awesome boy to her family (those kids…those kids I LOVE!).  Lainey.  A sweet baby girl!  Cenone and Crystal are having girls, too.  AH, all these babies make my heart happy.


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