Brand Spotlight: UMBA

Can you guys hear the drum roll?   Oops, your ears must be covered.  There you go, peel off that hat.  Yep.  That’s the drumroll I’m talking about.

It’s the one that’s going to end in a “ta-daaaaaa” right about….


The new Fall Umba collection is here.  As in….READY TO GO!

If you’re new to my blog or just have no clue what I’m talking about, here’s a quick lesson on the subject of Umba.  Umba used to be Umbabox, but have changed things around a bit and are now just Umba .  Umba is a company who’s founder had a passion for the handmade.  Actually, she still does.  She has a passion for the handmade.  What’s more, she has an interest in bettering the lives of everyone she touches.

The artists:  They are able to make a living doing what they love and what they are really good at.  For some, this is one of the only ways they are able to really provide for their families.  The artists in Ethiopia who make the Banded Woven Towel are able to send their children to school because of their gift (and steady income).

The “Umbassadors” (the reps for Umba):  We are able to (a) be a part of something important and fun and worthwhile and (b) make money as well.  Many umbassadors are earning enough money each month to help with things like mortgage, school tuition, daycare expenses and grocery bills.  Lots of us are able to use this extra income on much needed getaways (because let me tell you….this mama needs a freaking getaway!), a hair appointment (you should see my roots), or violin lessons for a budding Juliard student.

Umba’s entire mission is one that everyone can appreciate and respect.  As a buyer, you are doing a few things.

(1) You are finding the perfect gift for a friend, spouse, or family member.  Or yourself.  Which is equally important!

(2) You get a product that is of impeccable quality (impeccable is my new favorite word), that is unique, and one that cannot be purchased at WalMart, Costco, or any other big box stores.

(3) You are empowering artists and changing lives.  That’s the truth.

If you know me at all, you know that I am pretty solid in my beliefs and I don’t pretend to be behind something I’m not.  You guys, I’m behind Umba.  I love their products.  They are fun and amazing and unique.  I love that these small artists now have a platform to show their stuff.  To show their passion and make a living.  I’m jealous of people who are able to do what they absolutely love every single day and make it happen.  Jealous in a good way of course 🙂  (….i’m just lazy)

So here’s a little sample of Fall goodness:

Baby Balm.  Do you guys know 4,634 people who are pregnant right now?  Because I do.  (side note, 80% of them are having girls.  weird.)  Here’s a little secret about moms:  we all want the very best for our babies and the very coolest.  Does that sound a little vain?  Well it’s true you guys!  And look, now you can combine both a mama’s wants into the perfect baby shower/baby arrival gift.  Umba says, “You’re welcome.”

baby balm

How many times have you had guests over who just won’t quit?  If they’re not being nice to you, they’re gossiping about anyone and everyone and their dogs.  But now…when that happens…very discreetly take this pillow out from under your elbow and fluff it up in front of them and put it neatly and nicely on the sofa in plain sight.  They’ll get the picture.  (and…totally fashion)be nice or leave

Kids’ toys that are adorable, safe, and sturdy are hard to come by.  Toys are either plastic, make horrible sounds, light up, or are so expensive and elaborate that they’re too overwhelming.  Solution:  Twig Creative wooden cameras.  Charlotte pretends EVERYTHING is a camera, so as soon as it’s Christmas shopping time (who am I kidding, the time is now) she’s getting one.


Deer hook.  I don’t hunt.  Gross.  So I kind of think this is especially hilarious.  And pretty.  And it will look adorable in my upstairs hallway leading to the kids’ rooms.

deer hook

I LOVE this necklace.  It’s the perfect gift for a mom or friend I think.  Fun and unique but not over the top and crazy.


Men’s stuff, you guys. Umba now has an entire collection of men’s products!  EEEEEK!  Your guy (I don’t really say “guy”, you guys, but it seemed fitting here) can look super dapper in a FORAGE HABERDASHERY tie…maybe out on a hot date while you’re wearing ….Photo Oct 01, 9 35 06 PM

….this.  It’s my new favorite.  It’s the kind of necklace that I see in Anthro and always put it in my online shopping cart but then decide not to, but it’s still there every time I go back and I always really want it….I might just take the plunge and order it from Umba.  Love.umba-1

Take a look at this wallet.  I feel like guys go through wallets like it’s nobody’s business (because it’s not, but whatever).  Gift this to your son, husband, uncle, or friend this Christmas.


Alright.  This is what I’ve been waiting for.  These ridiculously adorable loafers.  BOYS OR GIRLS, you guys.  Do you know how excited I am to get some for Olive and every single baby in my life??  So excited.  If you want to be your pregnant friend’s BFF, buy these loafers for their new baby.

Bonus:  They go up to size 6.  That’s what Charlotte could wear right now.  YOU GUYS.  TODDLERS IN LOAFERS!!  I’m dying.

umba-13 umba-14

I like pretty office supplies.  That sounds like I”m just saying that because of this, but it’s true.  Ask my mom.  I ask for office supplies for Christmas.  I’m so lame.  But look at this desktop calendar.  I love it. umba-15

DIY tea towel kit?  Sign me up.


Free form plate.  I am going to put my keys inside this dish.


Cards.  I have a thing for them.  And one of my secret wishes is to do exactly what this artist does:  design, create, and sell awesome greeting cards.


Check out Umba.  Better yet, host a trunk show with me!  Clarkston, Lewiston, Asotin, Pullman or Moscow.  I want to share all this with you!  It’s like they found the best products on Etsy and put them in a lookbook.  It’s true.

Find Umba here:

Instagram – @shopumba

Twitter – @umbabox

Facebook –

Pinterest – @shopumba

Happy Shopping 🙂


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