A Day in the Life: October Wednesday

Our days are all very similar.  I’m starting off with pictures from Monday…


My week started off with a puppy who pooped in her crate.


Charlotte helped me bathe that naughty puppy.

Babies were put to sleep. (i just had to add this picture.  so stinking cute.)


So now for the Prasil Wednesday.

Wake up:  7:00am.

Breakfast:  cereal.  Standard.wednesday-19 wednesday-22 wednesday-25

While the kids eat, I usually clean up around the house, especially the countertops.  Today I did a little Instagram photo organizing.  I love tiny little prints.


At 8:15 (give or take a few minutes) we are out the door.wednesday-38

The big kids go to school and Charlotte goes to Dawn’s house.wednesday-41

Mama and Alice and Olive go to Starbucks, duh.

Confession:  I don’t like it when my barista friends talk to other customers as if they like them.  It’s like they are the cool skater dudes and I’m the girl who has a huge crush on them.  Every time I see them talk to another girl I get super jealous and annoyed.  But they keep reeling me back in with their kick flips and pop shove its.

Or white mochas.


My friend Lisa suggested maybe I try a 1/2 pumpkin spice latte 1/2 white mocha.  I said yes because I’m afraid that if I say no to Lisa, she’ll not only quit being my Starbucks friend, she’ll also talk mad smack about me to her boyfriend Zane while they spear fish together on the Snake River.  No thank you, Lisa, I’d prefer that we remain friends.  So I tried it.

Me likey.  So delicious.


Then we got some gas because the Prasil car does not run on love and chicken nuggets.


Finally, home.  (I say finally, but we’re seriously home before 8:45).

Today I got a bin of baby clothes packed up and ready to go for my friend Crystal who is having a baby girl in a month (more on this girl this weekend).  It made my heart happy.


Then I had the #firstworldproblem of trying to choose an outfit to wear to 2 upcoming weddings I am attending this week and the next.  Grey or red or black?  I mean, I have a closet full of clothes and nothing to wear.  Like I said….first world problem.  wednesday-51

Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Alice was busy making a robot hand for Jamie out of a whoppers box she found in the car.  Why on God’s green earth would there be an empty whoppers box in the front seat of my car??!!  It’s not like I would ever buy a giant, king sized box of Whoppers and slowly eat them over the course of 3 days.

I would, you guys.  I would and I did.


I did some room rearranging.

wednesday-57 wednesday-60

I got done just in time to take Alice to school.
wednesday-62 wednesday-66


Today was a super fun day for lunch because Kennedy’s mama and dad brought their food truck and cooked the kids grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch!  Let me tell you something about this food truck.  It’s bomb diggedy.  Read:  awesome.

Blue cheese tacos?  Yes please.  Philly?  Absolutely.  But always…..always….add on a few magic bars.wednesday-70

I couldn’t stay.  The chickens needed fed, you guys.  Do you think these chickens feed themselves?  (truth:  they do.  They free range, so they actually do feed themselves.  But if I want eggs, I must collect.)wednesday-72 wednesday-74

And since we don’t own any dairy cows, apple-pear trees or muffin farms, I went to Costco, too.wednesday-75

I peeled and cut up some carrots because Maria would eat 10 lbs a day if I let her.


Then I made applesauce.  (so freaking easy)wednesday-78

Picked up the kids, Ria had violin, then we were back home.


And she totally should have been in a good mood…wednesday-89

….considering she ransacked my car and took all of my dollars.  (sucker, I only had 3)

wednesday-93 wednesday-95

But I know how to take care of a screaming toddler.




We had a knight run through, fast as lighting before he was gone again.


Costco made us a really beautiful chicken pot pie.  That was nice of them.


And even though this baby was sick, she gave me smiles all afternoon long.wednesday-115 wednesday-130 wednesday-141

And it’s October 2nd.  It’s chilly.  I think it was 50 degrees when I drove the kids to school?  Something like that.

Anyway, our pool was warm.  Really, super warm.

wednesday-162 One of the very best things about Danny is that he is always up for stuff like this.

After changing into jammies and drying off and eating dinner, a package from Lily and Pat arrived for the kids.wednesday-178

There is nothing better than unexpected surprises!


And after a bit of running around, violin, reading books and singing, the kids went to bed.

If you’ve ever experienced anxiety, you probably have experienced it coming and going for stretches at a time.  For me, things are good and easy so much more often than they are really hard and I’m very anxious.  I’ll go a few months feeling really wonderful and then something will cause me stress and I find myself worrying about everything.  My ocd will be in overdrive and I will clean my countertops 17 times a day.

The point of me saying that is because I’m in a harder stretch right now.  It’s not like I am dreading my days or am sad or anything like that at ALL.  I’m just hyper-aware of anything going wrong.  I know exactly what is causing it, but I can’t change/fix it so it’s hard for me to relax and stop my anxiety.    I know that it will pass, but right now it’s difficult.  But when I have days like today….when I get magic bars to last me days from awesome friends, the countdown to twin babies is less than a week, we freaking SWIM in October, text conversations between friends lasts all day long, and my kids are super well behaved and fun….I know this harder stretch is coming to an end.

Maybe I’ll celebrate with a trip to Canada.

(I am.  More on that later.  Oh my gosh, you guys, so many “later” posts mentioned in this one.  It’s how I hook ya….)


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